Horror Con Birmingham

Birmingham Horror Con
Scarrryyyyy times were had last week at the Birmingham Horror Con.  I have been to many a con but this was my very first Horror Con, and as a massive but fairly new Horror Fan – I loved it!


A trip to Edgbaston Stadium was also a first, but I was very impressed at this choice of venue, with its easy access and plenty of parking.  It was a spot on, with enough room for the big crowds attending, but not too much so it was a rattler (too big a venue, which makes even a good crowd seem to shrink)!

The first thing that struck me (and experience tells me not to expect it at all cons!!!….) was that the staff were so helpful and welcoming, happy to assist a newbie to Edgbaston, pointing out the way to go and helping out with a smile!

The Horror Con itself was well set-up, with a good array of great guests many of whom came from the film and author worlds; some to note would be – Tony Moran, Ken Sagoes, Jsu Garcia, Caroline Munro, Jon Campling, Nat King, Emma Dark, Adam Nevill and Matt Shaw.  There was some queuing involved, but this is an accepted part of any day at a con, and the queues certainly didn’t seem any longer than I have seen plenty of times before.   It was a really busy and buzzing day, with stuff going on all day, including live demonstrations of special effects makeup, tattooing and photography.  There were even snakes from Cassandra Tainsh (I kept my distance!).  One thing I have noticed about cons is that money definitely seems to burn a hole in attendees’ pockets, and there can almost be an air of desperation in the vendor areas, as people try to spend their readies!!  They were not disappointed at Horror Con the vendor stands were well stocked, there were masks, jewellery, statues, action figures, Funko Pops, collectable cards, stickers and of course one of my personal favourite delicious cakes and fudge.

I can’t finish a review without mentioning the cosplay and the cosplayers themselves, without them cons would be far more quiet and less colourful events, and those at Birmingham Horror Con were in the main very impressive, I am always blown away by some of the work the cosplayers do to get the costumes just right; we had Freddy Kruegers, Jason Voorhees’s, Pinhead  Sam, Leather Face’s, walking dead zombies and so many more.

horror con

For my first Horror Con, I loved Birmingham, it was a great time in a well organised venue, with great guests and attendees.  Plenty to look at and plenty to spend your money on.  I thoroughly enjoyed my day and can’t wait for next year!


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