To Survive You Must Evolve!

boxhorrorkewelTo survive you must evolve – but more than that, to be the bipedal walking about on two legs, leaving the rest in primordial sludge, you must evolve, and are changing – in effect we are no longer a subscription box service!  Why?  Because times they are a’changing and we have never been afraid to be different and treading our own path is kinda what we like to do!

There are many factors at play when making this decision, and honestly since the Brexit vote, wholesale prices across the board have gone up – and we all know – much like fuel, they won’t be coming down again.  The nature of Pop Culture is that much of it is American and unfortunately the Pound has become rather weak against the Dollar, and the Euro, forcing costs up.

There is also, and quite rightly so, more competition!   However we believe there is a good chance of the UK subscription box service self-imploding on itself.  Leaving a few hangers on – and we really want to do one of those.

cutoutLet me tell you a little more about what I mean; subscriber expectation has been raised exponentially recently, by box companies very obviously swallowing losses to achieve subscribers, but they can’t do that forever, and eventually, along comes what we like to call “the Reality Box”, this is the box, that comes when the companies can no longer take a loss, and so put out a box containing what they can really get for the money they are taking in subscriptions!  This box is bound to disappoint, because honestly for 20 quid including postage, fees to credit card brokers, banks and PayPal, plus boxes and packing, paper and printing (and any fees they might be paying to a subscription box service such as CrateJoy or Subbly – we don’t use those services).  There is not a massive amount left to fill a box, and break-even – let alone make a profit.

Whilst on the subject of costs and pricing – let’s get honest for a few minutes, and break some misconceptions.

“You guys get loads of stuff for free anyway” – NOPE we don’t, we have never received a thing for free (and neither would I wager have any of the smaller companies – we are not a Lootcrate behemoth), everything we have put in the boxes we have bought –and we strive really hard to bring you licensed collectable items, and “stuff” you can keep, which won’t fall apart in 5 minutes.

“I hate fillers, I hate it so much when boxes put in fillers” – there is no choice, but to put in lower priced items, to “fill” the boxes.  After you have purchased a POP (or comparable item), and another couple of decently priced items, you are looking at a small amount of money to fill the box with, and the choice is limited, there are only so many things available, we try extremely hard to be creative, and not just put in a keyring, but sometimes there is no choices – there is no such thing really as a filler, they are items filling a box, because if we put in three POPS and a Mug, we would have to charge considerably more.

“It’s not something I would have chosen myself” – no that’s right. it’s not – somebody else who doesn’t know you personally and who is choosing for 100s of other people chose it, in the hope of pleasing everybody, but knowing they won’t.

“The value is not there” – we have never once claimed to be a “value box”, have never said you will receive twice the value each month of what you have paid, or more etc etc, instead we are a box of collectables, and most of the time you will in fact receive considerably more (and you will see that by looking back at our Past Boxes page on and, than you have paid for it, however we make no promises on this, and never will, we are all about collectables, and making sure you receive brilliant high quality items, we hope you will treasure forever.   But we won’t please everyone!

“I have a blog, YouTube channel – please send me a free box” – sorry, we don’t, we took the decision early on that we couldn’t afford to give everyone who reviews our boxes a free box (and we have received some pretty heated abuse over our failure to concede to demands), but that we did want to say thank you to those who do, without appearing to offer too much in the way of a sweetener – so rather than a few free boxes, we offer everyone who reviews our boxes 10% off, now we may well miss some people if they don’t tell us who they are!, or we miss them or they sign up again too quickly – but generally speaking if you take the time to review a box you will get 10% off each and every time – that seems to us to be fairest way to do it – for all!

horror-header (2)“Your boxes are just plain, let’s hope when you get more successful that will change” – we currently have no plans to change to branded boxes.  We thought long and hard about this (and in fact we are trying to save even more on our boxing and packing!), and decided that expensively priced printed boxes would mostly all very quickly end up out for the recycling.  Yes, they look good coming through your door, but let’s get real for a moment, that wears off pretty quickly, and if you are keeping all of the contents of the boxes you buy in the pretty printed boxes….may we respectfully suggest you are buying too many boxes!  We want to squeeze every penny we can into the contents, that’s what we are all about, that look of surprise when you realise it’s an XYZ in the box!  So expect plain boxes for the foreseeable future – this could of course change but right now it’s the beauty on the inside we are concerned with.

But enough of that – let’s talk about the “the Future”

We were incredibly keen right from the start to always be fair, be up front, be honest, be visible, be real and be accountable.  It is frighteningly easy to start a subscription box service!  You can sign up for subscription box service provider, use their templates and be off the ground in hours.  Where it becomes worrisome is when you look at a site and realise there are no “terms and conditions”, no “privacy policy”, not even a cookie warning, nothing beyond an email address to identify who is really behind the site.  This means there is no promise to not sell all your personal details to the highest bidder, and nowhere to turn should things go wrong, if these websites disappeared tonight, with your money – where would you turn to?   NOW I WOULD LIKE AT THIS POINT TO MAKE IT VERY CLEAR I AM NOT SUGGESTING FOR A MOMENT THAT ANY OF  EXISTING SUBSCRIPTION BOX SERVICES WOULD EVER INTENTIONALLY, OR UNINTENTIONALLY BEHAVE LIKE THIS.  Doing things properly and fairly takes time, and is of course expensive, but at the end of the day, it is you, the consumer who is protected.

Part of our obsession with fairness saw us opting from the beginning for a no auto-renewals system – this is loaded purposefully all in the consumer’s favour, it means you will never ever get a box you don’t want, and you do not have to remember to unsubscribe.  When undertaking our research prior to launching, this was what came up over and over – that auto-renewals are stressful and can cause financial problems.   We are now taking this to the next step! and are no longer a subscription box service!  Instead we are a “buy a box” service.  We have thought long and hard about how we can evolve to survive, and so we stripped it all back down to the original concept (as we see it!) –

“A mystery box of goodies delivered to your door”

So this is what we are going to do from now on!  We will have available at any one time, a limited number of fully curated mystery geeky boxes ( and mystery horror boxes (, containing the very best items we can find, with an emphasis on the collectable.

When you come to our websites, the process will be the same as it ever has been, simply click “buy now” and go through the process (you will need to open an account to do this) – the difference is that the moment you buy your box, it is yours, because it is already waiting for you!  We will then send your box to you within three working days.  Easy peasy!

We will not release another edition of boxes until we have sold our current offering!  When we do we will send out a newsletter style email out to everyone who has signed up (you can opt out at anytime) letting them know we have another box available!  The difference however will be that as the boxes are all limited editions, quite simply put – once they are gone, they are gone!

Our websites are being redesigned and we plan on offering within the near future more variety – KewelKids, KewelPets and KewelPremium are all being developed.

KewelBoxes.comAmazing Limited Edition Boxes of Geeky Goodness. – Mystery Boxes for the Lovers of Dark

What would you like to see in boxes?  Let us know and give us your comments and feedback, we really do want to know! & we look forward to welcoming you!