James Wan Malignant Movie

Malignant Movie

Director James Wan’s Return to His Roots “Malignant” is the latest creation from “Conjuring” universe architect James Wan (“Aquaman,” “Furious 7”). The film marks director Wan’s return to his roots with this new original horror thriller. In the film, Madison is paralyzed by shocking visions of grisly murders, and her torment worsens as she discovers … Read more


Rise of The Footsoldier

VINNIE JONES STARS AS REAL-LIFE HARDMAN AND THE ULTIMATE GANGSTER IN BRITISH TRUE CRIME THRILLER The eagerly-awaited RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER: ORIGINS, starring legendary leading man Vinnie Jones, is showing exclusively in cinemas from September 3, courtesy of Signature Entertainment. Lock, Stock and Snatch superstar Vinnie Jones teams up with premiere acting veteran Keith Allen … Read more

The War Of The Worlds

The War of The Worlds

Immersive Martian Adventure It’s great to hear London’s West End shows will finally reopen this summer. What will you see when theatres reopen their doors? In the meantime, if you can’t wait for your next full-scale theatre experience, and would like to try a multi-award winning show that’s performed just for you, with an audience of … Read more

No need to call out for Pizza!

Pizza Lovers Recipes

Most of the time, even for me, a Pizza is either a fling in the oven, forget about it, overcooked pre-frozen affair, or comes via a small motorcycle, but Pizza is surprisingly easy to make, and can be delicious home-made, and every now and again, I make sure I have the ingredients and make my own

take away pizza

For the last few weeks, I have been indulging my love of pizza and finding some great recipes to share, but remember, the great thing about a pizza is you can pretty much fling on top of it anything you like, once you find a base you like (and do experiment, most supermarkets will also do packet mixes of pizza dough, which although not as nice as the proper home made bases, are still better than a frozen piece of cardboard tasting pizza), the possibilities are endless.

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Simply Cook – Free Trial Review

Simply Cook

I am no stranger to recipe boxes, whilst I love to cook and think of myself as something of a decent cook!  However, like most of us I fall into the trap of the same meals every day!   Apparently most of us tend to stick to the same six meals and, so when it’s time … Read more

.Edu email address benefits

If you don’t know by now there are many perks to having a .Edu email address, free software, movies, discount codes are just some of the things on offer. But before we do a list of what you can get with one of these coveted email address maybe we should explain that .Edu email address … Read more

Cupboard Risotto best dish of the week!!

Last night was one of those nothing in the cupboards type of evening!   We had had a delicious mushroom risotto the night before and so there was definitely enough rice and parmesan in the house for another – but what kind of risotto? After a rummage around and a vote for something with a bit … Read more

Ebook Review – The Gauguin Connection – Estelle Ryan

Estelle Ryan

Estelle Ryan

It is always impressive when you start to read a book, and you are immediately aware that the author has undertaken an immense amount of research before even starting to write the novel, and this is most definitely the case with Estelle Ryan’s The Gauguin Connection, which is the first in the  Genevieve Lenard series. 

Razberry Rating:

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