28 Days To Be Thankful Giveaway

We are always keen to do what we can to help indie authors here at Razberry Juice, so much so many have become like friends, we enjoy reading and reviewing some of the great books that are out there.   So this has to include being happy to give a shout-out when someone else is also championing the cause!

Bookeadsandreviews.com are doing exactly that, with their 28 Days to be Grateful giveaway.



Here's what Bookreadsandreviews.com say…..

"Different times in our lives, we’ll say to ourselves, “I’m so thankful…” and we’ll finish the sentence with something that just happened.  But most of the time, we’ll move on and not really think about what we just said we’re thankful for.  We take it for granted.  

Then there are those, who are thankful each and every day, for the breaths they take, the tests that come back saying they’re cancer free, their loved one making it through a surgery, their baby being alive, fighting day by day, breath by breath, to stay in their parent’s arms. 

Then there are the little things.  The winning home run, the email saying you won a book!  The phone call from someone saying “I love you”, or the text saying “I hope you’re having a great day!” The smell of a baby, right after a bath.  These are ALL things I want to celebrate.

Each and every time you’ve said “I’m Thankful…”, even if it’s something as simple as “I’m thankful I didn’t stub my toe” or even if it’s “I’m thankful for this giveaway.”  I want you to comment about it. In the spirit of this season and this giveaway….Tell me, Tell the World.."



All the prizes are of course literary and book related but there are a good few, and its all via a very easy Rafflecopter entry system. 

Go on….have a go you might just get lucky….