A Bad Night for Dust

Yeah, so it’s a vacuum cleaner, yeah so it cleans the carpets, and yeah so really life is too short for too much vacuuming!  If you are thinking the word yeah has thus far been used far too many times you are correct!  But yeah we are featuring a vacuum cleaner we found on HardwoodVacuum.net, because this vacuum cleaner has two things ahead of others which have persuaded us here at dusty old Razberry Manor, that it is worthy of a front page slot.

The first is that it is a robotic vacuum cleaner – the new LG Roboking Square Robotic Vacuum Cleaner  – and really not only does it do the job it is supposed to do but it is also is one of the coolest home appliance gadgets that we have seen, with a super sleek square design and bright digital display.  It hoovers by itself whilst at the same time looking good – let’s take a brief moment to look at the corner cleaning specs (just a second, a mere glance is all that is needed) – longer brushes to reach the most difficult of corners, giving a whopping 94% corner cleaning coverage, it’s got a turbo mode which increases the power of the suction for really tough carpet areas that need that little extra muscle (ok bored with specs now).

But the second reason is that the chaps at LG have made a very funny video, which really will have you feeling rather sorry for a singing piece of dust, left alone singing silent night, our cold cold reserve was almost broken; you will never look at dust in the same way again!  But don’t be put off with dusty empathy – suck those suckers up!