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Thank you for your consideration and interest in Razberry Juice's advertising program. is an online magazine aimed primarily at women between the ages of 20 and 55 from all walks of life, who not only like to express their geeky side but also enjoy a fun, informative and entertaining read.

Believing that good content brings readers, Razberry Juice offers its own unique flavour covering such topics as books, entertainment, technology, lifestyle and shopping combined with our strong and frank reviews which have become quite a favourite with readers.

Refreshingly Intelligent is our tag line which we hope sums up Razberry Juice's ethos of fresh and entertaining content.

If you feel your products or services would be of benefit to our readers or wish to promote your website/blog.  Please consider purchasing advertising space and becoming an official sponsor.

Since our launch in June 2012 our readership has continued to increase each month – please see below for the previous month's stats for your information:

January 2014 Statistics:

Vistors: 24,000

Page views: 125,000

(Please contact us if you like more detailed information and demographics).

Purchasing Guidelines

  • All advertising prices are in USD, GDP and EURO;
  • payment is via Paypal;
  • please supply your own ad copy or banner (but we will happily help you with one);
  • please try to keep images/banner files sizes as small as possible;
  • we reserve the right to decline any advertising that is unacceptable for the magazine;
  • prices may change at any time;
  • ads are non refundable unless contacted within one hour of placing order;
  • Ads purchased adhere to Google’s Guidelines.


Reports can be emailed weekly or monthly showing the number of clicks and impressions.

Banner Ad Zone and Prices

Zone 1

728×90 Menu Banner Position

Your banner will be placed just below the menu at the top of the page, this slot is specified for two ad sponsors giving equal visibility to both.

Ads will appear in rotation site wide

Zone 2

180×150 Right Sidebar of Magazine

Your banner will place on the right sidebar just below the Twitter feed on the front page; on all other pages this will be closer to the top below the menu.

There are two locations specified for four ad sponsors each location being split between two giving equal rotation visibility.


Standard pricing







728×90 Below Menu


$60.00/£40.00/€45.00 for 30 days



180×150 Right Sidebar


$45.00/£30.00/€35.00 for 30 days


30 day minimum term

Interested?  Simply click the BUY IT NOW button, to get started straightaway!  Or drop us a line at or complete the contact form below, and we will get back to you ASAP.

The above details our basic standard advertising packages. However, we are able to tailor campaigns for your needs.  We can offer specific page and whole website sponsorhip, and in some circumstances offer advertising within the articles themselves, please contact us at or complete the contact form below, and we will get back to you ASAP.