Power Hour Girl Ali Spangola

Before I begin, I feel I should first clarify a few facts which should enlighten you – our dear readers – as to why when we found Ali Spangola and her Power Hour drinking game, we were more than a little over-excited, and when she said “yeah sure, you seem like ok folks let’s do a question and answer session”, our excitement knew no bounds (now yes at Razberry Juice, we are all well and truly over the age when you should know better, as we are sure are many of our readers (of course not so much so, we can't sometimes forget)! 


However it's just been Christmas and it's very nearly New Year, there cannot be a better time to forgot the anti-wrinkle cream, kick off the slippers and indulge in a little drinking game!)……  Razberry Manor is presided over by an Essex girl and an Irish man, for those currently residing in the UK and its surrounding islands nothing more needs to be said, for our dear readers (kinda Austin’ish but I am liking it), who reside further afield, nothing more needs to be said apart from you are online, go and use the internet, research you lazy feckers.So who is Ali Spangola?  Only possibly the very coolest person on the planet (for the purposes of this classification, reference is only made to those of purely human and actual origin, no emails or comments about Dr Who or super heroes please).

Ali is the inventor and creator of Ali’s Power Hour drinking game, along with being an all-round internet sensation/geek/creator/contributor and lady with the power outlet on her wall.

Having finally calmed down enough to let the questions commence, that is exactly what they did…..

Ali, our very first question of course has to be – for those who do not know – what is Ali’s Power Hour drinking game?

"My Power Hour Album is 60 one-minute party songs. Use the music to play a power hour drinking game!

Start the music and take a shot of beer every time the song changes. Everybody wins!

It’s scientifically formulated to be the perfect power hour party. Just add beer. Guaranteed to take you from 0 to 60 in one hour".

Now we are very much enlightened and excited about the drinking game, can you tell our readers how it all came about?  And actually the practicalities of it – how did you go about creating, making, recording and performing?

"I wrote and recorded all the songs in my apartment. I converted one of my rooms into a studio. While I was working on the music part of the album, I was also designing my Shot Glass USB, creating it's packaging and doing research on how to get them mass produced. It was a lot of Googling and computering for a while. My social life was lacking that year!"

The shots you mention, are beer – so in effect the alcohol actually consumed whilst playing the game is probably not enough to mean you end up in the gutter with your underwear on your head – what do you say to the detractors who label the game (and of course you) as being irresponsible and promoting binge drinking?

"I do my best to make sure people understand that you don't actually have to keep up. No matter how little you drink, everybody wins!"

There is more to Ali Spangola than just Ali’s Power Hour – we know you do free art for folks – tell us a little about the Ali beyond Ali’s Power Hour?

"I'm a regular, non-alcoholic musician, too. I'm currently working on a new album that isn't a drinking game. I'm also an artist and designer. Yeah, I create one Free Painting a day and mail it to the person that requested it!"

The internet has opened the world up, and given a chance for people with drive and that ‘special’ something to shine  – are you a musician, a marketing genius, an extreme party goer – or something else completely? 

"I consider myself an artist. I like making nice things. Sometimes those things are music or marketing or parties or videos or sculptures. But they're all art."

Five years time – a cup of tea and a nice biscuit is in hand, we are sat down having a chat, where will Ali Spangola be, and what will she be doing?

"Still making nice things!"


Before we launch ourselves into some just for fun ones, can you let our readers know exactly where they can find out everything they need to know about Ali’s Power Hour, and all the products contained therein?

"My Power Hour stuff is online at www.powerhouralbum.com and you get more about me, generally at www.alispagnola.com."

Fun questions time……

The obvious one first – what is your favourite drink?"Whatever you're having!"

Where in the world would you most like to visit? – "I'd love to take my mom to France. That's pretty high up on the life goals list."

The lift is broken, your bladder is empty (enabling a sense of calm!) who would you most like to be in the lift with? "A lift technician."

Super Hero Ali?  If you could have ONE super power what would you choose? – "Flying. Duh. Anyone who says anything other than flying is lying to you and himself." (writer's note – going with invisibilty here!!)."


Thank you so much, we are planning a Power Hour New Year Razberry Party!  And will definitely be toasting you.