No need to call out for Pizza!

Pizza Lovers Recipes

Most of the time, even for me, a Pizza is either a fling in the oven, forget about it, overcooked pre-frozen affair, or comes via a small motorcycle, but Pizza is surprisingly easy to make, and can be delicious home-made, and every now and again, I make sure I have the ingredients and make my own

take away pizza

For the last few weeks, I have been indulging my love of pizza and finding some great recipes to share, but remember, the great thing about a pizza is you can pretty much fling on top of it anything you like, once you find a base you like (and do experiment, most supermarkets will also do packet mixes of pizza dough, which although not as nice as the proper home made bases, are still better than a frozen piece of cardboard tasting pizza), the possibilities are endless.

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Ebook Review – The Gauguin Connection – Estelle Ryan

Estelle Ryan

Estelle Ryan

It is always impressive when you start to read a book, and you are immediately aware that the author has undertaken an immense amount of research before even starting to write the novel, and this is most definitely the case with Estelle Ryan’s The Gauguin Connection, which is the first in the  Genevieve Lenard series. 

Razberry Rating:

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Ebook Review – Cassandra – Lottie Winter


RazberryThis is the second book from Lottie Winter, and when she asked us to review it, after loving her first offering The Inauguration of the Carnal Set, I was very happy to take on the mantle.

Cassandra is billed as the first full novel in The Carnal Set series, and it certainly does not disappoint!

Let’s get the standard e-book stuff out of the way first!  It is well written, decently edited and reads as good as any novel from one of the big publishing houses, this book certainly doesn’t suffer from some of the problems which afflict some e-books which don’t have the benefit of a huge publisher, instead it is classy, professional and actually extremely good.

Four Stars for a exceptionally good erotic novel.

Razberry rating:

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MCM London Comic Con 2017 Review


Last weekend heralded yet another MCM London Comic Con at the Excel Centre.

Despite it being October and the forecasters predicting grey dreary weather, we were treated to a crisp, sunny and sometimes warm day, this immediately means the Con grows, as more and more people flooded outside to stretch their legs, enjoy the temperate weather and take advantage of some more space to take some pictures of the amazing Cosplay on show.   Which, takes us nicely on to my only niggle of the day, that is that had the weather not been wonderful for the time of year, I cannot imagine how the inside of the Excel would have felt.

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Horror Con Birmingham

Birmingham Horror Con

Birmingham Horror Con
Scarrryyyyy times were had last week at the Birmingham Horror Con.  I have been to many a con but this was my very first Horror Con, and as a massive but fairly new Horror Fan – I loved it!


A trip to Edgbaston Stadium was also a first, but I was very impressed at this choice of venue, with its easy access and plenty of parking.  It was a spot on, with enough room for the big crowds attending, but not too much so it was a rattler (too big a venue, which makes even a good crowd seem to shrink)!

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Cake or diet? Cake or diet?


Its January, everyone is on a diet, and my thighs are looking more wobbly and spam-like on a daily basis! So really I should be doing a recipe feature on salads or possibly ‘dust” (a Little Britain reference for those who remember!), but bugger it! I like cake, and I really like carrot cake and the fact it contains carrots makes me feel slightly better! It is after a vegetable!

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Horizon Web Series – Review!!

It’s been a while since I have watched a web series, even longer since I watched a British web series.  I have started quite a few, but just not made it past the first few episodes! So when I stumbled across Horizon on Twitter, I popped along to have a look without much in the … Read more