James Wan Malignant Movie

Malignant Movie

Director James Wan’s Return to His Roots “Malignant” is the latest creation from “Conjuring” universe architect James Wan (“Aquaman,” “Furious 7”). The film marks director Wan’s return to his roots with this new original horror thriller. In the film, Madison is paralyzed by shocking visions of grisly murders, and her torment worsens as she discovers … Read more

Simply Cook – Free Trial Review

Simply Cook

I am no stranger to recipe boxes, whilst I love to cook and think of myself as something of a decent cook!  However, like most of us I fall into the trap of the same meals every day!   Apparently most of us tend to stick to the same six meals and, so when it’s time … Read more

.Edu email address benefits

If you don’t know by now there are many perks to having a .Edu email address, free software, movies, discount codes are just some of the things on offer. But before we do a list of what you can get with one of these coveted email address maybe we should explain that .Edu email address … Read more

Cupboard Risotto best dish of the week!!

Last night was one of those nothing in the cupboards type of evening!   We had had a delicious mushroom risotto the night before and so there was definitely enough rice and parmesan in the house for another – but what kind of risotto? After a rummage around and a vote for something with a bit … Read more

Why Giving to Charity is Good For You!

Katie Silver writes about budgeting and saving money rather well! But we have chosen to share a short piece from her budgeting book “Still Living Life on a Budget”, not really about budgeting, but instead about why giving to charity is rather good for how you see yourself in this world, and for realising how … Read more

Rapture Rejects has its first Gender-Neutral Character!

It took close to a year to make the game look like it’s part of the Cyanide & Happiness universe, and we went the extra mile with a gender-neutral character creator. Since then, we’ve been crafting an insane amount of customizable items and prepping for the private alpha. Private Alpha Update Thousands of people signed up … Read more

Gousto – your dinner in a box!

I have seen advertisements for a while now for Gousto, and on the recommendation of a friend, I finally recently got round to signing up! For those not in the know, what is Gousto? They say: “Gousto is a recipe box company. We make it simple to cook good food at home, delivering easy-to-follow recipes … Read more

Birchbox May 2018 Review

I haven’t had a subscription box for a while!, it feels a little like the heyday of a different box coming out every other day is long gone, along with a fair few of the boxes!  One which appears to have weathered the storm is Birchbox!, and as I am always one looking to discover … Read more