Rise of The Footsoldier

VINNIE JONES STARS AS REAL-LIFE HARDMAN AND THE ULTIMATE GANGSTER IN BRITISH TRUE CRIME THRILLER The eagerly-awaited RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER: ORIGINS, starring legendary leading man Vinnie Jones, is showing exclusively in cinemas from September 3, courtesy of Signature Entertainment. Lock, Stock and Snatch superstar Vinnie Jones teams up with premiere acting veteran Keith Allen … Read more

The War Of The Worlds

The War of The Worlds

Immersive Martian Adventure It’s great to hear London’s West End shows will finally reopen this summer. What will you see when theatres reopen their doors? In the meantime, if you can’t wait for your next full-scale theatre experience, and would like to try a multi-award winning show that’s performed just for you, with an audience of … Read more

CHINA TOWNS Asian Cooking from Around the World in 100 Recipes

china town

china town




Asian Cooking from Around the
World in 100 Recipes
by Jean-François Mallet
July 2015
Hardback | £30.00
Published by Jacqui Small
100 recipes that will transport you on a culinary
journey through China Towns around the world.

In Western countries, the Chinese food eaten in restaurants is often a far cry from the
dishes prepared and served by the Chinese themselves. This is because the Asian communities
that have settled in so-called ‘China Towns’ around the world, in cities such as New York,
San Francisco, London and Paris, have mastered the art of adapting their cuisine to suit
local tastes. Added to which, this cuisine is often influenced by other Asian dishes, so much
so that food served in one city’s China Town may be heavily influenced by Vietnamese
dishes whereas in another it may more closely resemble Thai cuisine.

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