BeX – from Stage to Studio


I love finding new music; stumbling upon an artist you have never heard before, and instantly falling in love with their sound is a great joy, and BeX is one of those musicians, someone with a genuine talent making their way in the music industry.


From dance classes at the age of three to studying at the Stella Mann College of Performing Arts at sixteen, BeX has always been headed for a career in the spotlight, and since graduating back in 2004, she has trodden the boards at some impressive venues, including The Royal Albert Hall and Her Majesty's Theatre; working for the likes ADNEC (Abu Dhabi) and SKY 1 has given BeX the grounding needed to hone the powerful vocal talent she has been blessed with. Match this up with a great passion for song-writing with expressive creative lyrics and catchy tunes, its safe to say that BeX has great things ahead of her. So I was really happy to meet up with BeX just prior to the release of her first EP, having a great opportunity to sit and chat about the recording process, BeX's music and chew the cud in general!

It was in late 2010, that BeX teamed up with Music Manager Pete Moore (Pete has worked with The All Saints, Busted, Happy Mondays, McFly and numerous others), after Pete was invited to watch BeX perform at Her Majesties Theatre, London and was blown away by her solo performance when she sang, 'Listen' from Dreamgirls the Musical, knowing he wanted to work with BeX as soon as he saw her perform.

BeXIn early 2011 BeX headed into the recording studio and recorded 'Show you (what I'm Made of), produced by established music producer Ben Robbins (the man behind the work and recordings of Katherine Jenkins, Delta Goodrem, Shola Ama, Gabrielle, Heather Small, Tina Arena, Cliff Richard & more…. ) (can be found HERE on CDBaby)

Performing throughout 2012 at various prestigious music venues and events; including The Bedford & The Troubadour and The Regal Room, in London, has given her the taste and hunger for the industry, beyond her established career in musical theatre, and she is currently collaborating with a wide range of talented co-writers working towards that crucial debut single and album, and that all came a step closer in September 2012, when she worked with top music producer 'Greg Haver' (Manic Street Preachers, Mel C) at Modern World Studios to record her debut EP, the assembled team was pretty impressive, including engineer 'Clint Murphy' (50 Cent, Mel C) and musicians Nick Nasmyth on Keyboards (Manic Street Preachers, Mel C, Kylie, Tom Jones) Andy Taylor on Guitar (Adrian Utley, Portishead & Nicky Wire, Manics), being mastered by Ryan Smith (Beyonce, Bon Jovi, Erasure) in New York at Sterling Sound.

Throughout the weeks recording and guidance from Greg Haver, BeX was able to define her sound and be the artist she wants to be….

So with that in mind, I asked BeX, about her sound, her voice has a fabulous richness, and so I was interested, prior to the release her EP, how BeX herself would describe her sound?

"I am really excited to release my debut EP and to have worked with such great people within the music industry. I am so pleased you like my EP. My style covers the soulful pop & country rock genre and I have an Americana vibe to my sound too. To describe the sound of my voice, I would say it is natural and honest, it can be strong and gentle depending on the song and it's emotion which I think shows great colour and soulful tones in my voice. As I'm a Mezzo Soprano I have a wide range and a good belt, so I like to push myself and give myself a challenge."

So, what and who would you say are your main influences?

"I have always had a great passion to write my own music and to express my own emotions. My influences comes from the following icons, Eva Cassidy & Carole King, my style and performance brings the following elements and qualities from Pink & Anastacia with a country feel of Lady Antebellum, with the essence of all these influences I create my own unique and original sound."

Song writing is a different process for every musician, and I asked Bex how she goes about writing, and where the inspiration for her music comes from?

"It comes from many factors really, it can sometimes be from an emotion, how I'm feeling, or something that has happened or is happening in my life or everyday life in general. If I'm co writing with a musician, I sometimes like to bounce off how music is making me feel, it gives me a lot of inspiration and the melodies and lyrics seem to flow easier for me that way, I also use a Dictaphone, where I record my own melody ideas and hooks and I then pull in one of my co-writers and we put down the music together and it grows from there."

I asked BeX, after working successfully in musical theatre for some years, how and why she has made the transition to solo artist, it is certainly a brave move.

"I guess it is a brave move, but I mainly made the decision because of my great passion to be a songwriter and to be an artist in my own right. I wanted to create a career path that would hopefully become a lot more steady. The world of musical theatre can be hard, travelling and living out of a suitcase and doing jobs and auditions here and there to pay the bills. I did have an amazing time in the musical theatre world and I worked on some brilliant shows around the world with some great people and built up a wealth of experience, but I guess doing three months to one year contracts at a time can become draining and difficult as you never know where you are going to be until the next job. With the years of experience behind me as dancer, singer and actress I am able to crossover to the music industry and hope to build a solid career as a singer songwriter with the help, support from my family and guidance from my music manager."

Following on from the question above, how did you find the whole recording experience? You have been working with some great people in the recording studio.

"It was an amazing experience that I'll never forget, at Modern World Studios working with the world renowned music producer Greg Haver. It was great to work with such a talented bunch. Throughout the weeks experience we all got on really well and had some great fun, not only did we all click as work colleagues but we all got on really well as great friends too and have stayed in touch since the recording."

I asked BeX if she felt her experience as a woman working in musical theatre would hopefully stand her in good stead? A world which is known to be incredibly competitive and hard, and as a solo artist she may hopefully be able to draw upon which this experience has taught her?

"Yes the entertainment world is certainly hard work, especially high end musical theatre. I definitely think that in the development stages into being a solo artist working in the music industry that by having the background and experience I have had has enabled me to understand the complexity of the music industry, because its so competitive. I was used to this when I was working as a dancer/singer in musical theatre, auditioning with 100 – 1000 people at a time and when Producers/ Directors only need say 6 – 8 dancers for their show, its tough and sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some! But you have to be very strong and pick yourself up and try to keep positive. Therefore I think I have the determination and strength to realise my career within the music industry."

Finally, I asked BeX; “if we were sitting down in five years from now, with a coffee and a bun, where would you hope that the five years older Bex will be?”

"I would love to think I would be starting to make a big imprint in the music industry by five years, and to think that I have released a couple of albums, I would be very satisfied if I had achieved this by that point but I wouldn't want to stop there, I would still keep looking to keep pushing forward and look at building a good solid career, my aim is to have built a good fan base and to be performing on the main stage to thousands at Glastonbury and The IOW Festival and to be touring my own shows across the world."


And of course, all of our interviews end with a few silly questions, and we weren’t going to let BeX get away with it!…..

Have you made any New Year's Resolutions? "Keep fit, get to Zumba to burn off some calories!!"

Marmite…. Love or Hate? "LOVE IT!!!!" (writer's note – HURRAH)

Your absolute favourite film? "It has to be – Meet The Fockers!! Its so funny, makes me laugh every time!!"



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