Birchbox May 2018 Review

I haven’t had a subscription box for a while!, it feels a little like the heyday of a different box coming out every other day is long gone, along with a fair few of the boxes!  One which appears to have weathered the storm is Birchbox!, and as I am always one looking to discover new products to either keep back the ravages of time, or minimise the horror, I thought it was time to treat myself to some Birchbox treats!, and with an offer of your first box for a fiver, plus £2.95 P&P, I was in like Flynn!

But, in all honestly I don’t think I really read the small print, because I was not expecting what popped through my letterbox!

So, let’s take a little look at what Birchbox say:

BirchBoxopen“Pamper yourself with 5 personalised beauty treats…..”

“………..envisioned a way for customers—just like themselves—to easily and efficiently try, learn about, and purchase beauty products online. They combined monthly deliveries of personalized samples with original editorial and an exciting ecommerce shop. It was easy, efficient, and fun—a monthly delivery of surprise and delight.”

And so, actually Birchbox are rather upfront about what the boxes contain, so my review has to be about the products and not really about receiving a rather empty rattley box with some very small sample sized products!!!! (like I did just there…..)

Palm Leaves & Warm Breeze” is how this box is described, so we are looking forward to summer and those warm days ahead.

BirchbodywashGreenfrog Botanic – Geranium and Peppermint Botanic Bodywash

Size: 50ml

I love the small of geranium, I remember a while ago a cold product which was geranium based, and I used it long after the cold was gone just for the slightly addictive smell!

This bodywash is billed as Ayurvedic skincare with revitalising Aloe Vera.  Plant based using organic soapberries from the Himalayas (few air miles there then….).

There was enough in the bottle for about three good showers (four if you are more stingy than me), and it is a gorgeous bodywash, very nice on the skin and not drying at all, I did really love the smell.

The product is cruelty free and vegan, palm oil and paraben free!

The price for a full sized product is £8.95 – would I pay this for my morning shower gel?  Nope, probably not, it’s just not in my psyche to spend more than a quid on my shower gel…….(I know cheap as chips that’s me).   However, there is a little bit of me that would like to, if only for the Geranium scent (I am sure it will be coming to a TK Maxx near me soon).

BircheyeEyeko – Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

Hands up  – I am crap at a cat eye liner, in fact pretty poor at any kind of eye liner, and as I have one rather lazy and therefore “gammy” eye, if a product is not super waterproof, within an hour or so, I look within the throes of a sobbing heartbreak.  But, I have given this eyeliner a good go, and honestly not too terribly good.

The size is small, but I would have expected it to last more than a couple of applications, but after one use it was flagging and the black had lost it lustre.

The tip is very quickly a little weak and wobbly, and when trying to line your eye, you need a tip which remains in good shape, but very quickly I found myself dragging the tip along my eye.

They say that the fade resistant formula will last all day and night, but I found that even allowing for my less than perfect eye, which waters like crazy, it did not last at all, and very quickly looked less than perfect.

The full size price is £16, and as I was not impressed with the product not a chance would pay that!

BirchCharcoalNative Unearthed – Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm

“With A Gentle Blend Of Activated Charcoal, Coconut Oil, Whipped Shea Butter And Lavender Oil, I’m A Non- Sticky, Stain Free Pot Of Natural Wholesome Goodness. I Contain An Extra Kick Of Highly Absorbent Activated Charcoal For Long Lasting Odour Protection.

When I first saw this product, I admit was a bit sceptical!  I am, like most people, used to spraying under me armpits with a antiperspirant, and not giving it another thought.   BUT, I LOVE this product!  A small disclaimer first, I am not a great under arm sweater and in the winter will normally be deodorant free!  However I have used this great lil product for a few days now (small lil jar you are given with just 15g, however enough for about 5 days) and It has been hot hot, boiling hot May bank holiday etc, and I have been very active and on the go!  The balm has coped wonderfully and I have not felt any wetness or sweat under my arms, however they are definitely more comfortable.  I do get sore under my arms, as I have sensitive skin but with this product that has gone, and gone quickly.

The full size price is £7.99 – and actually, yep am going to be ordering some.

birchlipsDoucce – Luscious Lip Stain in steaming red

I have never used a lip stain before, and I found it quite interesting to apply, this formula is very highly pigmented and goes on very smoothly, however within seconds it is totally dry.   I really like the matte look and the colour is perfect – red and rich but not garish.

BirchlipI wore the lip stain the day I receceived the box to a child’s garden birthday party and purposefully didn’t touch it up.  It did pretty well, but after a few hours of chatting, drinking and eating I was definitely sporting just lined lips as the rest was long gone.

Small size but enough to use for a few days.

Full size price £21 –would I pay this? Nope, the product was highly pigmented and comfortable to wear, but it did wear off.  Also, I would never pay £21 for lippie….

BirchserumMarcelle – New Age Precision – 8 in 1 Power Serum

A tiny lil 7 ml tube, and mine seemed to be about half empty anyway, so its hard to review a skin care product which I couldn’t use for long!

This lightweight antiaging gel starts to work in just a week, providing eight transformative benefits in one tube. When it comes to lines, it smooths, provides a filling effect, and visibly reduces even deep wrinkles. It also firms, lifts, and strengthens, while working to boost radiance and improve the texture of your complexion. Even better: It does all of this without parabens, gluten, or fragrance!

This product was certainly lovely and smooth to apply, in fact it had that very smooth texture some primers have, when you feel you are almost smoothing plastic over your skin….!

Totally unperfumed, It didn’t irritate my skin at all.  However after applying in the morning to cleansed skin after about 20 minutes, I needed further moisturiser before applying my make-up.   I don’t feel I can say too much, because I didn’t have anywhere enough of the product to apply for the eight days needed to see a difference!

Full size price is £27, and I would not be minded to splash out.

All in all, I am not a massive Birchbox fan, there is something about parting with a £10 (£2.95 P&P) per month for samples (treats) which just doesn’t seem right.  Possibly my favourite bit of the box, is the box, I need a good sturdy one in which to store my eyeshadows ……

Fancy trying out a box of treats. Find Birchbox HERE!!