Brits Like Hot!


• 52% of Brits eat soup at least once a week during summer;
• 86million cans of soup is enough to fill 10 Olympic swimming pools, to cover 142,841 tennis courts and 3,448 rugby fields or scale the Shard 15,202 times.

Brits have been revealed as a nation of soup lovers – even when the weather heats up – with a staggering 86million units of soup sold during the 12-week summer period, proving that it’s not all strawberries and cream during the great British summer time.

Despite soup traditionally being thought of as a winter dish, over half (52%) of Brits consume soup at least once a week throughout the summer, according to new research commissioned by Heinz Soup. For many, the love of soup is for any time of the year with over a third (36%) of the nation saying they enjoy it ‘any time, any place’ and for others soup forms an essential part of their summer weight loss plan (70%).

carrot & coriander soup (source BBC Good Food)Soup al Fresco
When it comes to where we choose to slurp our soup on a warm summer’s day, 43% of Brits eat it al fresco in the garden with other weird and wonderful locations including at the beach, during a picnic, on a boat, at a festival, and even in the bath.

Considering 40% of us admit that soup in the summer reminds us of our holidays, its perhaps unsurprising that 45% of the nation slip it in their luggage to take on holiday – whether that’s for a bowl of home comfort during a family break camping in Cornwall or beach holiday in Majorca.

Come Rain or Shine
A bowlful of comfort whatever the weather during the summer, 43% of Brits say soup is their favourite food to enjoy on a rainy day and 35% say they enjoy it anytime, anyplace. But why is soup so popular, even when the weather is hot?

Leading food psychologist, Dr Christy Ferguson, explains: “Even when the weather is hot, soup remains one of our firm favourite comfort foods. If we have grown up consuming soup while having fun and happy experiences, such as during the school holidays, camping and picnics, then over time we can create associations between soup and those positive emotions. All of this means we are drawn to soup because we associate it with feelings of warmth, comfort and love.”

Summer Holiday Ready
It is also a popular choice for Brits looking to get beach ready in time for their summer holidays with over two thirds (70%) admitting they have eaten soup this as part of their weight loss plan for summer.

Dr Christy continued: “For those of us who are trying to get in shape for summer, a bowlful of soup is a great way to help us achieve our goals. Plus soup has the added benefit of giving us that all important comforting and reassuring feeling that we all need from time to time – especially when we’re on a diet.”

heinzCatherine Allen, Brand Manager for Heinz Soup, said: “We thought it was about time we dispelled the myth that soup is only for the cold winter months. Brits clearly love a bowlful of comfort in summer too with millions of us tucking into our favourite soup every week – and for the ultimate souper summer, it has to be Heinz!”

Soup1 Soup2


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