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Killer Rack, the horror

We always like getting some inside gossip on the movie world, so hot of the indie grapevine we have just learned that author and director Gregory Lamberson (Slime City Massacre, Dry Bones) announces that actress Brooke Lewis has joined the cast of Killer Rack, the horror comedy he directs later this summer in Buffalo, New York  from an award winning screenplay by Paul McGinnis.  Lewis will provide the voice for the titular creature. 

"Bring on the BOOBS!" says Lewis, known for the film iMurders, her humorous character Ms. Vampy, and for tireless charity work on behalf of breast cancer research.  "As a woman who has felt challenged by being labeled 'buxom' and 'voluptuous' since her teens, then battling constant body image issues as an actress in Hollywood,

I am overwhelmed with excitement for the opportunity to play BOOBS in the absolutely hilarious and smart satirical feature film Killer Rack, written by Paul McGinnis and directed by Greg Lamberson. Greg and I have been trying to work together since Slime City Massacre and this project could not be more perfect!  With a title like Killer Rack, I did not know what to expect, but was beyond pleased and believe the audience will be too! Don't let it fool you, as there are elements underneath the comedy and horror that make an impactful statement. As an actress who speaks out about body image and female empowerment, I am thrilled to have fun with this and use my Killer Rack for a purpose!"

brooke lewisNewcomer Jessica Zwolak stars as Betty, an insecure woman who believes breast enhancement will improve her life, and Debbie Rochon co-stars as Dr. Cate Thulu, the surgeon who implants her with Lovecraftian creatures hell bent on world domination.  McGinnis plays Zwolak's love interest, and other cast members include Sam Qualiana (Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast and The Legend of Six Fingers), Samantha Hoy (Rochon's Model Hunger), Michael O'Hear (who acted opposite Lewis in Slime City Massacre), Alexander Sloan McBryde (Dry Bones), Kim Piazza (Dry Bones), Robert Bozek (SCM, Dry Bones) and author Sephera Giron (SCM). 

"Brooke's flair for comedy and her love of Mae West will ensure the Boobs have a memorable personality," says Lamberson, who is co-producing the film with McGinnis and special make-up effects maestro Rod Durick.  "I know we'll have a female monster for the ages, and it's exciting to reunite so many of my Slime City Massacre cast members for this really special film."

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