Ebook Review – The Gauguin Connection – Estelle Ryan

Estelle Ryan

Estelle Ryan

It is always impressive when you start to read a book, and you are immediately aware that the author has undertaken an immense amount of research before even starting to write the novel, and this is most definitely the case with Estelle Ryan’s The Gauguin Connection, which is the first in the  Genevieve Lenard series. 

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Ebook Review – Cassandra – Lottie Winter


RazberryThis is the second book from Lottie Winter, and when she asked us to review it, after loving her first offering The Inauguration of the Carnal Set, I was very happy to take on the mantle.

Cassandra is billed as the first full novel in The Carnal Set series, and it certainly does not disappoint!

Let’s get the standard e-book stuff out of the way first!  It is well written, decently edited and reads as good as any novel from one of the big publishing houses, this book certainly doesn’t suffer from some of the problems which afflict some e-books which don’t have the benefit of a huge publisher, instead it is classy, professional and actually extremely good.

Four Stars for a exceptionally good erotic novel.

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Fall in Love with Audio Books


I used to love reading, well no, that’s not true, I still love reading, but life is so busy! Bringing up a family and working means that anytime I would love to have a good ole read I am generally so tired that I fall asleep minutes! But on the other hand there are too … Read more

Ebook Review – Grace by Samuel J Lumley

Grace by Samuel J Lumley is rather to categorise, there is romance, there is mystery, there is an absolutely coming of age element, there is even a little violence!  What Grace mostly is, is brilliant, and I truly don’t say those words easily, and even now when I do there are a few things I should qualify – yes, its brilliant, once you get past the first few rather slow chapters, and yes its brilliant even though some of the dialogue seems to go on rather too long!

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CHINA TOWNS Asian Cooking from Around the World in 100 Recipes

china town

china town




Asian Cooking from Around the
World in 100 Recipes
by Jean-François Mallet
July 2015
Hardback | £30.00
Published by Jacqui Small
100 recipes that will transport you on a culinary
journey through China Towns around the world.

In Western countries, the Chinese food eaten in restaurants is often a far cry from the
dishes prepared and served by the Chinese themselves. This is because the Asian communities
that have settled in so-called ‘China Towns’ around the world, in cities such as New York,
San Francisco, London and Paris, have mastered the art of adapting their cuisine to suit
local tastes. Added to which, this cuisine is often influenced by other Asian dishes, so much
so that food served in one city’s China Town may be heavily influenced by Vietnamese
dishes whereas in another it may more closely resemble Thai cuisine.

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