Cake or diet? Cake or diet?


Its January, everyone is on a diet, and my thighs are looking more wobbly and spam-like on a daily basis! So really I should be doing a recipe feature on salads or possibly ‘dust” (a Little Britain reference for those who remember!), but bugger it! I like cake, and I really like carrot cake and the fact it contains carrots makes me feel slightly better! It is after a vegetable!

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My Journey with Slimming Pills

Slimming Pills and Me   Time marches on, and apparently waits for no man!! And like many since motherhood become the defining moment of my life, I have been stuck with what can only be described as too much bloody chunk. Time has marched on for too long without me doing anything about it!!  So … Read more

WeekendBoxClub – Great fun for your kids (and you!)

A few weeks ago I happened upon, and was instantly interested.  I have a very active three year old son and of course am part of the team behind and, so am always keen to see how others do it! is a subscription box service for children, offering either fortnightly, or … Read more

Winter’s finally here! Lets Get Stewing!

Crockpot-Beef-Stew_4839Finally, it seems as though winter has arrived, and as soon as it gets icy outside its definitely time for some warming winter food, and a hearty stew is always top of my list, they are delicious and easy to make, with the added bonus of one pot cooking!

A slow cooker is a fabulous winter addition to any kitchen, and one of those gadgets that hopefully won’t get let to gather dust, they save on electricity, save you time,the results are delicious and you can do many things! If you shop around you can find a decent slow cooker for as little as £15 – £20, and they really are worth every penny.

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No time to bake this Christmas?

baublesIt’s too late to bake a Christmas Cake, and let it mature, really too late to make a Christmas Pud, there is of course still plenty of time for mince pies and sausages rolls, but if you fancy a bit of something special without the hassle of baking, I have taken these recipes for no bake cakes for a test drive, and have been absolutely thrilled with the results!

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Which Online Diet Club 2015


Way back in 2012, we ran an article with a impressive list of online diet clubs. One of the best diets we found was in tophealth site. That article has proven to this day so very popular, hits in the tens of thousands, and still going strong.  So, we decided to update it for 2015, and its no surprise that everything costs (sometimes just a little) more!

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Coloured Up

A few weeks ago I was sat with my small son doing some “craft stuff”.  While he adorned a piece of paper with feathers, paint, sparkles, pasta, twigs and more, I grabbed his discarded Pirate Colouring In Book and some fat felt tip pens and spent a few rather enjoyable minutes colouring in a pirate … Read more

Brits Like Hot!

86MILLION CANS OF SOUP SOLD DURING SUMMER • 52% of Brits eat soup at least once a week during summer; • 86million cans of soup is enough to fill 10 Olympic swimming pools, to cover 142,841 tennis courts and 3,448 rugby fields or scale the Shard 15,202 times. Brits have been revealed as a nation … Read more