Razberry Candy – Mr Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler (source People.com)


Gerard Butler (source People.com)NAME: Gerard Butler

AGE: 42 (born 13 November 1969)

ABOUT: Born in Paisley, Scotland, Butler initially was set for a career in the law, but his partying lifestyle saw this come to an abrupt end when he was sacked just a week before he qualified as a solicitor. Moving to London and of course working in the requite pre-actor success jobs of waiter/salesman etc. He caught a break in Steven Berkoff’s play of Coriolanus, which then led to more stage roles, including the leading role in the stage adaption of Trainspotting.

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Life without Facebook

I am pretty computer savvy, I spend far more time than I should online, I write for a online magazine, am a gamer, website designer and I talk more to my friends via Skype than I ever 

actually see them in person!  With all that said, there is one thing that I most definitely and happily live without, something I have no intention of changing…….

"My name is Elizabeth Clarke, and I don't have a Facebook page….."

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Souper Duper Soup on the Web

Tomato Soup

Tomato SoupCookbooks are fabulous, they make our kitchens and shelves look pretty, sitting there piled up taking up space, but with the internet comes an almost inexhaustible supply of recipes, from some of the best and most well known chefs in the world, along with a plethora of sites where amateur cooks swap and post their recipes.


My own collection of cookbooks have been long relegated to doing nothing more than looking good. Whenever I want  a new recipe, am looking for a new spin on a old favourite or hoping for some culinary inspiration I just employ the power of Google and my laptop becomes the cookbook propped up on my kitchen table.


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Focus on: Health Online

“Mum! I’ve got spots on my tummy.” Those dreadful words that have most parents reaching for the Calpol whilst simultaneously phoning the doctor and cancelling the rest of the day. But is there an alternative to rushing to the GP Surgery? More of us are turning to the internet for answers when we are unwell. 77% of people have looked up some form of health or social care information in the past 12 months* But how safe is this? Are we making good use of available resources or are we walking a shaky line of incorrect self diagnosis and hypocondria? We sent Jessica Dante to find out.

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