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There are things in life that sometimes just captivate you, be it the Northern Lights or frosty morning mist as it creeps along a hillside.  Ceren Aksan is one of those things, from the moment she starts to play you are simply captivated by the sound of her music.

Ceren who is based in Istanbul, is the daughter of a Ballerina mother and Tonmaister father, grandchildren of famous composer Muammer Sun. Her whole family members are artists; including musicians, composers, ballet dancers and actors. She was accepted to violin department in Hacettepe University Conservatory at the age of 9, graduated from it and continued to Master's degree in violin department. Upon her university graduation from violin, she started to work in academic department of conservatory, Presidential Symphonic Orchestra, Opera and Borusan Istanbul Chamber & Philharmonic Orchestra. Throughout her classical music career; she has played extensively both domestically and internationally, attended tours & concerts, recorded albums with worldwide known orchestras, conductors and soloists.

First off Ceren thank you so much for taking some time out to chat with us here at Razberry Juice.

"It’s my pleasure!"

I guess one of the first questions I want to ask, and one I am sure our readers would love to know is at what age did you actually start playing the violin?

"I started to play violin when I was nine, but it was not the first time I started learning music, before playing the violin, I was playing piano."

Was the violin your first choice instrument to learn or was it a case of the violin chose you?

"Actually I have always loved the sound of piano, but just right before the conservatory acceptance exams I watched a movie.  It was about a child and her love of violin.  It impressed me a lot and I decided to choose violin."

Ceren you have played so many concerts and in so many countries do you have a particular favourite where you really enjoy playing?

"When you are a musician, lots of things on stage affect you as a person and an artist.  For me, the most important thing of all is the acoustics (or technique) and the audience.  It can be a great concert hall, open air stadium or a little hall in a music school.  I don’t mind the venue.  What I really need and care about is having the best sound and of course the audience; because when I’m on stage, it’s all about exchanging energy and feelings for me – that’s what I do, I am not just making music, I exchange energy, feelings and soul."

Your shows are very visual and colourful something akin to watching Lord of the Dance with fireworks is this something you actively pursue in wanting give your audience the ultimate in entertainment?

"Yes, I always improve my stage performances with new music, dancers, choreographies, costumes and other details to create the best possible entertainment for my audience and the event."

You formed the electric trio EVA, how did this come about, and how do EVA performances differ from your solo shows?

"I had an idea and dream of having a band next to my solo show, which became an electric string band.  We named ourselves, “EVA”  because it means “full of life”, just like we are!  As I said before, I like to add new energies to my shows and EVA is one of them."

One last question before we ask you a few fun ones, what advice would you give any young girl or boy wanting to try their hand at learning the violin?

"I would advise them to never give up as an academician, and keep learning all the time.  In other words, for me as a person and an artist; the most important thing is to feel the music in your soul, body and mind. This is my number one rule!"

Well as with all our guests Ceren we like to ask a few fun questions so here goes ‘smiles’.

If you were a cartoon character who would you choose to be and why?"I would like to be the “Lady” in Lady & Tramp (an old Disney cartoon) Because I always wanted to be a dog when I was a child, I even used to, as a child ask my mom to put a leash on me, like a puppy when we were in a restaurant.  She still to this day tells people that story, which explains how crazy about dogs I am!"

Are you one of those people that sing when taking a shower or bath?"Not while taking a bath but I sing when I prepare something in kitchen, yes 🙂."

Besides your own music what other types of music do you like to listen too? – "Oh that’s a huge question for me!  Because I am a total music person and I love to listen lots of genres. Some of them are; funk, jazz, hiphop, rock, house, lounge, rnb, chillout and classical."

Do you own a pair of pink fluffy slippers or any fluffy slippers for that matter?"I have many fluffy slippers in pink & other colors and I love them all! ^_^"

If you were trapped in a haunted house and could choose to have one person with you who would you choose and why?"It would be my husband because he is my hero!"

Well that just about wraps it up, Ceren it’s been an absolute delight to get to chat with you, your music is amazing please keep us updated with all your news and happenings.

"It’s my pleasure, thank you for lovely & interesting questions."


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