Christian Grey – 50 Shades of Grey – RAZBERRY CANDY

NAME: Christian Grey 

AGE: 28 

ABOUT: Christian Grey is a successful, handsome and charming business man, however there is a darker side to the CEO of Grey Enterprises. Christian, or better known by his girlfriend as ‘Fifty’ has had a painful and disturbing past, he was brought into the world by a drug addict who failed to care for him or feed him, this was made worse by her ‘pimp’ boyfriend who would stub cigarettes out on his body. This all came to an end when Mr Grey’s mother overdosed and died in front of him at just 4 years old, from then on he was taken into care and then finally adopted at the age of 15 – so its no surprise he has a few, shall we say, ‘issues’.

Christian has openly referred to himself as ’50 shades of F#cked up’ and I think many of his previous love interests would agree, including his current girlfriend, Anastasia Steel. They met when Ana interviewed Christian for a college paper and since then their relationship certainly hasn’t been easy – Ana has had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, she then found out the man of her dreams has many relationship issues and a ‘Red Room of Pain’ and then to top it off she’s been stalked by one of his crazy ex’s – surely this alone would make normal people like you or I to run for the hills?

He loves fine wine, dining and listening to a range of music from Beyonce to Vladimir Ashkenazy, he’s pretty good on the piano too! When he isn’t working hard or playing in his ‘Red room of Pain’ he enjoys working out, sailing his yacht and flying gliders and helicopters. For reasons due to his horrific childhood, Christian is passionate about the Children’s Charity ‘Coping Together’ and he hates food being wasted. He owns several properties including places in Georgia and New York.

He has everything I hear you say! Well the old saying ‘money cant buy you happiness’ seems appropriate for this instance, he is an extremely complicated and troubled young man, we very rarely see Christian smile.

WHAT MAKES HIM RAZBERRY CANDY?: For his sheer sexiness and ability to make almost every female go weak at the knees just from a single look! He has old fashioned values and manners and a softer side to his dark and troubled one. There is just one question we cant answer, what does Christian Grey actually look like??

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