Computer Viruses the Bane of every user’s life (and a quick fix to try if you catch one!)

If you are like me and spend most of your time working on a computer; or perhaps you just spend some time playing games and do a little surfing now and again, at some time you will come across a computer virus; be it from an email, or as most do now just from visiting a website. When it happens believe me it is going to drive you mad, so as the old adage goes better to be prepared!


What does that mean?

Have a good a good antivirus program installed – there are many out there, such as Nod32, Webroot, MacAfee, Norton and many more. There are also some really good free ones such as AVG (free if you are a home user). I am not going to go recommending any particular one, mainly because they all do the job, but some are heavier on a computer resources. The main thing is to have one installed and make sure it does regular updates.

Its a good idea to keep yourself update to date with what is out there and currently threatening computers. For a list pop along to Symantec every now and again just to keep yourself aware

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So what happens if you get infected or how do you know your infected with a virus?

Well more than likely, one of the first things you will notice is your computer will start to get slow, it may even crash a lot and this will get worse as the infection goes on.

If you do get infected here is a simple procedure you can try to clean your system:

If possible get onto the internet and download Malware Bytes software from here:, if you can’t get a friend to download it for you!

Once you have Malware Bytes log into safe mode by pressing the F8 key at start-up and install the software, making sure you update it before running a full scan, this will take some time, when done, if it finds anything you will have the option of removing tit and restarting. All going well – when it boots back up to windows your system will be clean, so you can install new antivirus software or update your old one (like you should have been doing all along!).

But remember prevention is better than anything.

NOTE: Never have two different manufacturers' antivirus programs installed together this can cause more problems, including even stopping the system booting

I hope this little guide has helped from time to time we will be covering other topics to do with computers and technology in general.




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