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Darcy Donavan

Darcy Donavan is an American actress, singer and model who proves that with some hard work, a lot of dedication and a decent sprinkling of self-belief you really can have it all. Darcy truly does have a shockingly full calendar, but she found some time to sit down and talk all things show business with us. I am almost a little annoyed to report she really is down to earth and lovely, in fact it’s almost like talking to an old friend you have known for years, simply put she is beautiful, smart and funny but most of all extremely friendly – I can't find a single veiled 'meow' comment to make – really – honestly – 'damn it'!


Darcy was born in Miami, Florida and raised in Nashville, Tennessee by her mother whom Darcy describes in one word as 'amazing' and who must take some of the credit for Darcy's single minded determination. Darcy become interested in music and acting as a young child and since that time has been 'doing it'!

If you ask Darcy whether she is concentrating more on her acting career, or if with the release of her debut album Distraction, the musicDarcy Donavan side is taking precedence, and she will relay back to you a mind boggling list of projects she is currently undertaking as well still being in the studio recording, she says …….. "I also have two screenplays in development for me to star in, and I have a fantastic television project that I am also working on, that a lot of networks are excited about.

I am currently working with top fashion industry people on my clothing line. I like to be different and I like to start trends, not be a part of them. I am all about the glitz and glamour when it comes to clothes and I feel everyone should always feel classy and glamorous in the clothes they wear.

I am also working simultaneously on two separate books. One of them is a health and fitness book, and the other one is a spiritual epic. That's all I can say about that one, but it should get a lot of people talking.

So I am a busy bee and I wouldn't have it any other way;).”

But every busy bee has to unwind and with Darcy seems as busy in her spare time as she does whilst working….

“I love to check out all the latest movies, especially the ones in 3-D.  I'm into a number of different sports including basketball and riding my bike. And I love discovering new restaurants to try.  I'm a fan of all types of food, ranging from Japanese, to Italian, to American. I also love to cook and unwind with making a great home-cooked meal;). There are so many good little Mom-and-Pop restaurants around and I love finding those as well.

I also have four dogs that I rescued from a kill shelter, and they bring so much joy into my life, so I spend a lot of time with my furry little children and giving them the attention that they so deserve;). I also really enjoy to read and I love to read new scripts that writers and producers send to me.

But what I really wanted to do was pick Darcy's brains, she has been swimming upstream in the entertainment industry for some time, always managing to come out on top, so she really did seem the right person to ask for advice for anyone wanting to start an acting or or musical career?

Darcy DonavanKeep working at it. The story I always bring up to people is what happened to the rock singer, Joan Jett. She got turned down by pretty much every major record label in the music industry. So, she went ahead and started up her own label with her manager. Soon after that, she got a number one record. Don't take no for an answer. In fact, don't even ask the question. Assume that the answer is a yes.  Because, a lot of the time, yes is the answer.  And if it isn't the answer from one person, I will find the next person who will say yes. 

Trust me, there are a lot of so-called seasoned industry executives who turned down Madonna and even Lady GaGa who are kicking themselves in the butt;) So I don't ever take no for an answer. If someone can't see outside of the box to see your vision eventually someone will;) Winners never quit and quitters never win;).

Even after all that sage advice, I couldn’t let Darcy go without asking her some fun questions (rules is rules after all!!)

Do own a pair of Pink Bunny Rabbit Slippers? – “Have you been peeking in my closet?  That's really naughty!”

What type of men do you fall for the Brad Pitt’s or the Rob Schneider s of this world? – “I actually love both. I have a very eclectic taste in men.  I just love Jensen Ackles of Supernatural.  I also really like Ian Somerhalder and Channing Tatum,  but if I had to pick just one guy, it would definitely have to be Jensen.  Having said that,  I do always tell my girlfriends to get with somebody less attractive than you. Then if you break up you can be like he is not going to do better than me;) Now I do have the hots for Carrot Top, yep I said it, Carrot Top baby. Hey what can I say I have a fetish for redheads;).”

Do horror movies scare you? – “It depends how realistic they are.  I can watch a vampire movie, or a zombie movie, and enjoy it, because there aren't any vampires or zombies roaming the earth. But a slasher movie?  Texas Chainsaw type stuff – No, thank you.

What’s your favourite type of food? – “My favourite food definitely is Japanese food. MMMM, Yum!   I really love  the Japanese steak houses such as Benihana.  It's a great mix of fantastic food and entertainment. I also love my cheeseburgers and fries!  Now some of my friends call me the Sauce Queen because I just love my sauces, ketchup, barbecue sauce, honey mustard, etc.

Except maybe for desserts, but even then I load up my ice cream with lots of hot fudge sauce.  I also love apple pie as well topped with hot caramel. MMMMMMM Yummy…okay okay so now I am hungry, I gotta go now and get some food;)

 Everything I eat I basically have to dip into my beloved sauces. I even bring my ketchup with me when I travel. Hey, don't laugh, even P. Diddy does it ;)”


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