EAT GRUB The Ultimate Insect Cookbook by Shami Radia and Neil Whippey

The Ultimate Insect Cookbook
by Shami Radia and Neil Whippey
Recipes by Sebastian Holmes

‘This fantastic introduction to cooking with insects opens up a whole new culinary world. It’s just what our planet needs’ – Stefan Gates, TV presenter and author

Eat Grub features more than 55 exciting recipes using a variety of bugs, from grasshoppers to mealworms. It takes
its inspiration from cuisines around the world to present a range of small plates, meals, desserts and even cocktails using whole and ground insects. It teaches you how to use insect flours to make healthy, gluten‐free and protein‐rich dishes, and how to puree, bake and grind various insects making them versatile to use.

Entomophagy – eating insects – isn’t a new phenomenon. We’ve eaten them for centuries, and many countries around the world continue to enjoy them in modern cuisine. But insect eating is currently experiencing a rise in popularity. Restaurants are dishing up insects, the UN is publishing reports on the merits of insect‐heavy diets and
the Nordic Food Lab is exploring how delicious insects can be. The media is now talking about the ethics, the eco and health benefits, and the economic sense behind incorporating entomophagy into our lives.

SHAMI RADIA and NEIL WHIPPEY are the co‐founders of Grub – a company which sells quality, edible insects ready to be used in cooking. They operate a British cricket farm and sell a range of insect‐based products in UK supermarkets.

SEBASTIAN HOLMES is a London-based chef best known for working at acclaimed Thai restaurants The Begging Bowl and The Smoking Goat.