Ebook Review – Crowley’s Window – Gord Rollo

Crowley's WindowWhen I read the synopsis, I thought this book was going to be right up my street, and I wasnt wrong!  Gord Rollo's supernatural thriller with a hint of horror hit all the right notes for me!  It starts at good pace, and the book pretty much continues like that right up to the final climax!  

Losing her sight (and her eyes) when a teenager, the beautiful but troubled Abby now lives and works with her 'surrogate family' as part of the 'freak show' in a travelling circus.  But unlike most of the other 'freaks' her talents are real, she is able to see into the future, the loss of her eyes seemingly having given her another way to see, and enhanced the gifts she has always had!   

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The story really starts when two teenage boys wanting their fortunes told reveal to Abby a horrific crime unfolding, and although she is unable to stop the crime, she does her best to help the Police in their quest to find the perpertrator, little knowing how totally connected she is the man involved.   She is led back to her family, and the man who so cruelly ripped her sight from her, the story treads deeper and deeper into the world of the supernatural, as Abby must battle with not only the evil of Crowley in this world, but also go further than her visions have ever let her before to foil the ultimate plan. 

A little scary, very well written, engaging and strangely endearing, with a delightful love story weaving alongside; I thoroughly enjoyed Crowley's Window!  My only criticism would be that I felt towards the end the author had almost run out of steam, the ending having the merest hint of rush about it!  


About the author….in his own words

I was born in St. Andrews, Scotland, but now live in Fonthill, Ontario, Canada, with my wife and three children. My short stories and novella-length work have appeared in over fifty professional publications throughout the genre and my novels include: The Jigsaw Man, Crimson, Strange Magic, and Valley Of The Scarecrow, all of which are being re-released in brand new ebook and trade paperback versions through EnemyOne Press. Besides novels, I edited the acclaimed evolutionary horror anthology, Unnatural Selection: A Collection of Darwinian Nightmares and co-edited Dreaming of Angels, a horror/fantasy anthology created to increase awareness of Down’s Syndrome. I recently completed my newest book; a horror/dark fantasy novel entitled The Translators. 

From where do you get your inspirations for your characters and storylines in your books?

Story inspiration can come from anywhere at any time, of course, but my inspirations always seem to come from images that pop into my head. Whether these pictures come from dreams I’ve had or just any visual images that stick with me from everyday life. I’m a very visual writer and it’s those snapshot images in my head that I build my stories around.

What are your favourite books?

My favourite books are horror related of course and I love the same Stephen King and Dean Koontz books that most horror/fantasy writers grew up loving but the books that most inspired me to become an author were the novels of Richard Laymon and Robert R. McCammon. My absolute favorite novels would be:

  1. Boys Life – Robert R. McCammon

  2. The Travelling Vampire Show – Richard Laymon

  3. Pet Sematary – Stephen King

  4. The Bad Place – Dean Koontz

  5. The Burden Of Indigo – Gene O’Neill


What are the best and worst things about being a writer?

The best things about being a writer for me is that moment when a story or book starts to come together. Not the satisfaction of reaching the ending, although I love that part too, but when you are over the hump of the middle section and everything is in place for that push to the finish line. I love when you have everything lined up and you just KNOW how it all is going to turn out. You just have to sit down and let it all out of your head onto the paper. For me, that’s when I feel the best rush of being a writer.

The worst part of being a writer for me is that the pay isn’t very good. The arts these days are way underappreciated and it sad to me that some of our generation’s greatest writers can’t make a living with their fiction. I’m not saying I write for the money or that anyone deserves anything, but it is a problem for nearly all authors out there these days. We work hard at our craft and it would be nice if that hard work was recognised a bit more than it currently is.


Tell us a little bit about your books, who they are aimed at, and where people can buy them?

My novels have some horror, science fiction, fantasy, and suspense in them – sometimes all in the same book. I don’t really worry too much about the genre lines and think many stories are more interesting if the writer is willing to cross those imaginary lines every now and then. That said, most of my fiction is quite dark and if I had to choose which genre best fits my work I’d have to stick with horror. Don’t let that label scare you off though. Too many people hear the word “horror” and all they think about is chainsaws and Freddy Krueger. Horror fiction is generally much less visceral than those Hollywood horror stories. Horror to me is about fear of the unknown and about tension building suspense. Those are the things I like to write about.

My books are written for an adult audience. I don’t pull too many punches with my fiction and there are a lot of violence, bad language, and adult situations in my books that might not be appropriate for readers under the age of about 16.

My books are available in ebook and paperback versions, and can be purchased from my publisher’s website (www.enemyone.com) or at all the usual online book sites such as amazon.com, kobo.com, etc. Here’s hoping you stop by and give one of my books a chance. If you do, I’m confident you’ll come back for more.


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