Ebook Review – Money from Social Media – A K Martin

For a long time now I have played with the idea of how can I get paid for all the time I spend online working the social media tour as I call it, I am not lying when I say I have spent hours and hours jumping from one social media platform to the next all in the name of interacting and promoting not only my work but that of friends also, so the idea of turning all this time I spend on social media sites into some earning potential, is something that could really appeal to me.


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So when I was asked to revew A.K Martin’s book – ‘Make Money from Social Media’ and after reading the blurb, it sounded like the right choice for me – after all what I want is a book that does not offer untold riches but some real down to earth guidance.

So, just to give you my thoughts right from the moment I read the introduction I knew I had chosen the right book; the author has a real down to earth writing style, and you can tell he is not trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes!

The books starts off by letting you know what social media platforms are out there, giving some general information about each one before it moves on to setting up and customising accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and all is written in a very easy to understand approach, which makes it so it perfect for anyone new to the world of social media.

Of course the main purpose of this book is to give you the information you need to start making some money from Social Media, and it does not let you down, being jam-packed with links and tips about where to find work, even giving you  an idea of what to charge for your services , but my favourite chapter had to be about  bots and websites, I had no idea these even existed, offering software that can automate many of the tasks you do every day, such as Tweeting,  following others and even posting pictures on Tumblr – I can now see why  many people out there have large followings.

So – this really is a very good book to get anyone interested in either improving their own personal social media knowledge, or as a springboard into working in the world of social media.  Full off tips on getting followers and likes, the tips the writer gives on getting new accounts up and running with followers  are great plus, all the links where you can find jobs all add to making this a really useful reference guide , I have read it twice now and know I will keep coming back to it.  If you are looking at a way to get started making money from Social Media, I highly recommend you take a look at this book – you won’t be disappointed!




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