Ebook Review -Bin Runners: The Android That Didnt Change Humanity by Hedges Butterscotch

I think it was possibly the author's name – Hedges Butterscotch – which was the deciding factor in agreeing to review Bin Runners: The Android That Didn't Change Humanity; well anyone who calls them self Hedges has got to have a sense a humour, right?

Yes yes they do! 

What a relief!  I found The Android That Didn't Change Humanity a great light hearted and easy read.   The story and the concept are simple,set way way into the future, the human race may well have spread to the corners of the galaxy,  but they still make a lotta rubbish and they need someone to collect it (for our US friends – rubbish = trash, and bin = trash can!).

Razberry Rating:

The crew are all a rather disjointed bunch who live in a very uneasy harmony aboard Junker 48, which is a junker ship travelling the length and breadth of the universe collecting other people's junk.  April is a single mother with an annoying family and a great son called Sam, Charlie is a middle-aged man has been who should have done so much better, and Pierre is a IT tech genius whose life has been forever blighted by a childhood prank gone wrong.  Add in Nim & Pim the ship's androids whose programming is tinkered with constantly and you have the setting for some really good stories, of which The Android Who Didn't Change Humanity is the first.

The story revolves around two things – Peter a earth android who suddenly believes he has feelings and a new mission for the Junker which sees them heading back to clear a planet of some very smelly gas.  The story isn't going to change the world, but it certainly is an amusing read.

Bin Runners starts with a really great 'Low Down" which tells you all about the characters the Junker ship itself, however, unlike many prologue's it is not too dry, boring or factual feeling, instead it forms a funny part of the story.  What I love the most I think about Bin Runners is the level of detail the author has included, not only about the lives of the crew, but their families  the Junker ship itself, and the technology of the 4010's!!

If you love sci fi you will love this funny and irreverent read, if you love a good smile and a light hearted easy read you will love it too.

A great first start in the Bin Runners series – lets hope there are more to come very soon!