EBook Review – Broken Shell Island – Dayla Moon

I absolutely loved this book, from chapter one, I was drawn into an alternative world where life could be perfect, needless to say even here life has its trials and tribulations. The main character Opal is an innocent 15 year old girl who was plucked out of her life with her grandfather and friends into a magical new existence. The author vividly spurs your imagination with amazing descriptions of the surroundings in this new world, without ever drawing from the mystical story. I particularly liked the witches with their devilish tricks and how Zara itched to reveal the secret of their magic.

Razberry Rating: 


There is so much to entertain you while reading this story; the characters are captivating each with their own story, intertwined with the mythical creatures such as trolls, pixies, demons etc. along with a fascinating historical tale of the Islands history.

This is a story that moves through all the emotions of life from adulation to envy and innocent beliefs to horror. It sucks you in and provides an unexpected twist, it’s a book that fuels the imagination, and I would certainly read more if there was a series of novels about Broken Shell Island.

Although this book is aimed at teenagers and young adults, those of any age who love a well spun fantasy will love this book.  

About the Author….in her own words

Dalya Moon, author and writer, lives on the west coast of Canada with her husband and two cats. She’s a proud auntie to three energetic nephews and one darling niece.

When she’s not writing, Dalya dabbles in art: painting (acrylics and watercolor), pottery (wheel and hand-building), paper cut-outs, and gluing things to other things.

Some random facts about Dalya:

– Looks really good in hats.

– Was obsessed with drawing the Easter Bunny as a child.

– First job was washing dishes at a truck stop.