EBook Review – By the Light of the Moon – Laila Blake

By the Light of the Moon Paranormal/Romance…..I wasn't expecting too much when I started this novel, the first by Laila Blake, but how wrong I was! I absolutely loved it, I was taken along with the story, almost a little excited at what was going to happen and intrigued as the characters, storyline and the world they inhabit unfurled itself.

Razberry Rating – a well earned:



Moira is young noblewoman, on the brink of adulthood, who in her father's opinion needs a husband, and very much needs to stop wandering around the forest at the night. But what neither of them know is that beyond their own human world bigger battles and stories are being told, as the immortal magical Fae become intwined in Moira's story, mothers searching for forgiveness and a man intent on power. While Moira's mundane life, as she sees it, gets even worse when her father decides she must have a guard to ensure she stays within the grounds of Rochmond Castle, and employs Owain who is a Blaidyn, a human wolf creature, with senses attuned enough to ensure she cannot wander undetected! The arrival of Sir Deagan Fairester a possible suitor, looking for his own fief to rule throws Moira even further into herself, it is only meeting the wolf that changes the course of her life, and theirs is the true story of By the Light of the Moon, the love story between the two of them, Moira, more than just a human without any sense of who she might be, and Owain, the man with a wolf inside!

There are a few fairly explicit love/sex scenes, but they are extremely well written, with a tenderness and feeling rarely seen in a first novel.

With a paranormal novel, based in a world where there are things which have to be explained, it can sometimes happen that a book can read a little like a guidebook, as the author attempts to introduce us to the world and those who inhabit it, Laila Blake manages to craft this into the story, and although it is a good ten chapters in before you feel you really have a understanding of what is going on, this doesn’t matter those ten chapters have introduced you gently to a new world, whilst you have wanted to continue reading to find out who these people are.

I know its a good book, if I am genuinely interested in the ending, if when the book is drawing to a close you are willing the outcome you want to be how the words on those last few pages play out!

A great first novel, yes its light and romantic, and I think will appeal to a younger female audience, but its well written, the tale is weaved incredibly well and I was disappointed when it ended.

About the Author…….in her own words

Laila BlackLaila Blake, born in 1985 in Cologne/Germany, is a bi-lingual author and translator. She has an MA in Specialized Translating and has worked with several research projects in Applied Linguistics and language acquisition. Teaching English to adults is still paying most of her bills.

Growing up with a love of stories, she started her first epic fantasy story at the age of 13. It didn’t grow past a few chapters and since then, she has gone through a myriad of ideas and beginnings, both in English and German, has learned a lot and lived a lot and dreamed of being a writer.

In 2013, Crimson Romance picked her debut novel for publication and she has been working on its sequel ever since. In the meantime, she has also gotten short-stories into several erotic anthologies to be published later this year, and has been working on other projects and ideas.



Website: http://www.lailablake.com/





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