Ebook Review – Cassandra – Lottie Winter

RazberryThis is the second book from Lottie Winter, and when she asked us to review it, after loving her first offering The Inauguration of the Carnal Set, I was very happy to take on the mantle.

Cassandra is billed as the first full novel in The Carnal Set series, and it certainly does not disappoint!

Let’s get the standard e-book stuff out of the way first!  It is well written, decently edited and reads as good as any novel from one of the big publishing houses, this book certainly doesn’t suffer from some of the problems which afflict some e-books which don’t have the benefit of a huge publisher, instead it is classy, professional and actually extremely good.

Four Stars for a exceptionally good erotic novel.

Razberry rating:

The sex scenes are very explicit at times but the author does a good job of actually not making them the centre of the book, so they do not detract from what is essentially a very romantic love story!  When Lottie Winter contacted us asking for a review, she described the books as “Romance with Ropes”, and that is not far from the truth.  It is a love story, and it is one told in the words of the two main protagonists – Thorpe (Lord Thorpe Pembroath) and Cassandra (the young woman employed a nanny within his household).  Each take a turn in telling chapters, something which I found a really and fresh way to read the story. 

As each character takes their turn in telling the story, I was impressed at how much the personality of each person shows, each having their own ‘writing style’.  There is some BDSM in the book and it is kind of the whole point of the book, but as someone not particularly into or interested, I didn’t find it was too much or detracted from the fact that I really enjoyed the story, if you enjoy and seek out books including BDSM themes Cassandra won’t disappoint, and if in fact it’s not really your thing I don’t think you will feel overwhelmed.  There is a sex scene where a young woman becomes a ‘pony girl’, which although made me blink a few times, the way the back story to this is told is rather tender and touching. 

Like all good romances this one has a happy ending, however by the end I wanted it to.

One unusual thing is that the main part of the novel takes part over only two or three days and this could make you feel cheated but actually it’s rather good to take those few days with such a deep study.

All in all, I found myself glued to this book, I almost felt at the end of it that I hadn’t read an erotic novel, even though I most definitely had!  The balance between sex and story is so well balanced you get enough story for your buck to not feel like you have just had a non-stop sex fest!

You can find the ebook HERE  and the paperback version HERE

About the Author……in her own words……..

I have always loved to write, and since a very young age I have put pen to paper the thoughts, hopes and dreams trapped in my head. I love books of all kinds, and devour them with as much gusto as one might a roast dinner on a winter’s day.

Writing erotic novels has always been something I have wanted to try, always being impressed when an author gets the blend of sex, sensuality and story right. So one day, not too long ago, I decided now was the right time to do exactly that.

I love dark gothic books, and the Victoria era seems to have so much repressed emotion about it, that deciding to base my books in this time was a very easy decision.

The Carnal Set, are a group of people for whom the pleasures of the flesh are not just fantasised about, but are taken full advantage of.

I hope you enjoy reading my books, as much I love to write them.

You can find the ebook HERE  and the paperback version HERE