Ebook Review – Dollhouse – Anya Allyn

Dollhouse by Anya AllynDollhouse is one of those books you’re going to love to read, regardless of whether or not you fit into the young adult category or not – it’s that good,

Its dark and different , and I love the way Anya gives credence to each and every character in the story, which by the way revolves around a group of friends and the disappearance of Aisha whilst on a field trip for a school project.

Razberry Rating: 

With Cassie and Ethan (Aisha’s boyfriend) taking leading roles on their journey to find their missing friend the whole story moves at a nice pace and is never what you think, yes its scary but not as much as I have seen in other reviews but it really is different like being in the warped mind of a doll!

This is for lovers of different don’t expect it to be your normal horror or typecast it and you will enjoy this read

I am going give these five stars even though I did find a spelling mistake it takes nothing from this well written book!

About the Author…..in her own words

"Anya Allyn was born unexpectedly and without proper instructions.

A dreamy girl betwixt the clouds and space, she was given the thing she desired most for her tenth birthday–a microscope–and subsequently developed a penchant for small things: frogs and ants and microbes, and the earth (when viewed from other planets).

She considers a mind and body that do not roam free are the living dead.

Anya lives in a cottage by the sea–and slips in and out of forests and through a day, where the wild things are ….

She has four adventure-seeking boys and a bookcase filled with adventures. One day soon, she plans to head off on adventures of her own…"

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