First Tango In Paris By Emma Styles



First Tango in Paris really is one of those books you are going to find hard to put down, described as an erotic true-life memoir of Emma, a normal English housewife which is almost an understatement, it’s much more than that, think of a reality TV series and it will give you a more accurate idea as you are taken inside a world very few get to see.




Following the sexual adventures of Emma and her awaking to a swinging lifestyle, all set in the very vibrant and beautiful city of Paris. You are taken on a magical journey of self-discovery, to which her and her husband are willing partakers.

Right from the very moment they enter their first swingers club you can’t help but become attached, feeling their awkwardness, fears yet at the same time excited at the thought of what might happen.

Emma does a wonderful job of recounting the many lovers and characters she encountered while at the same time almost giving you a swinger’s guide to Paris. This is Emma’s first book and while it does contain some very detailed erotic scenes they are all tastefully written fitting with her memoirs perfectly.

To sum up; Emma Styles has written a really good book, in a style that makes you feel she is sharing her intimate life  adventures with an old friend, which only leaves you wanting more and possibly asking questions which only old friends should.

About the Author….in her own words

My name is Emma Styles. I am a married mother of two. I currently live between Kew, West London and Southern Spain. I have just completed my first book “First Tango In Paris”, which is a true-life account of my sexual experiences and adventures since stumbling into the very elegant but incredibly decadent and hedonistic Parisian swinging scene.

The book documents intimately and often graphically many of the more salacious and debauched encounters over a ten-year period, whilst also portraying how I juggled the more predictable side of family/working life with my quest for even greater sexual escapades. Currently writing the conclusion, bringing it full circle, whilst working on a new series of four fictional novels in the “Bitch Boss” genre.



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