Ebook Review – Frozen Stiff – a Zombie Novella by John Grover

Frozen Stiff by John GoverSome books you read should just be enjoyed for what they are

And this is one of them; it’s a book that feels like you’re in a movie; cross Mel Gibson and Danny Glover with zombies and this would be the outcome, its well written and engaging having all the hallmarks of good against bad with Brad and Travis part of a rescue team sent in to rescue any survivors


Razberry Rating: 

The author John Glover has done a good job in making the characters believable and keeps the book moving at a fast pace which works well with this type of story

I am not going to say it’s the best book you’re ever going to read but if you’re into The Walking Dead, then this should be right up your street as its got all the ingredients that a modern day zombie horror needs.


About the Author…..in his own words

"I am a 39 year old writer residing in Boston, Massachusetts. I have always had an interest in horror from the time I was a young. I can remember growing up watching "Creature Double Feature" with my brother on Saturday afternoons.

My love of writing started in High School and I can remember that any writing assignment asked of me in class always seemed to end up being a ghost story or the story of the creature inside the well of my backyard.

At 18 I decided to take my writing seriously and have been creating works of the macabre and submitting to editors and publishers ever since.

I completed a creative writing class at Fisher College in Boston and spent a couple years as an affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association. I am currently a member of the New England Horror Writers, a chapter of the Horror Writers Association.

I've appeared in several anthologies over the years and have published more than 50 stories both on-line and in print."

Find out more about John here: http://www.shadowtales.com

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