EBook Review – Hal Junior, The Secret Signal- Simon Haynes

What can I say I love this book, it has a way of making you feel young again as you read, and like others have said it brings back memories of Just William and Dennis the Menace. Following the mishap adventures of Hal and his side kick stinky.

Set on a space station Simon Haynes has done a great job with these characters and scenery one cant help but grow to love them.

Razberry Rating: 



This book is just plain and simple good old fashioned fun, mixed up in a futuristic way, there is no doubt that Hal Junior is going to grow in great series which I will continue to follow but its also made me want to read Hal Spacejock

To sum up, its fun, its modern just read it and see for yourself

About the Author….in his own words

"I had a varied childhood, living in the South of England until I turned eight, at which point my family emigrated to Spain. My brother and I ran a bit wild, and there were plenty of incidents that would have most parents tearing their hair out in despair.

Then, in the eighties, we moved to Australia, and my brother and I both grew out of our wild ways and rejoined civilised society.

I’ve been published in the adult science fiction genre for almost a decade now, with four titles in print, but in 2010 I decided to write a new junior science fiction series as a change of pace. I’ve been visiting schools and libraries since about 2005, talking to primary-age kids about reading and writing, and I thought it was time I wrote something for them."

Where do you get your inspiration for your characters and storylines in your books?

"Remember the wild childhood I mentioned above? 🙂 I have enough material for about 30 books, but so far I’ve mostly put the kids in my books into danger and let them dig themselves out. The characters are almost a composite of myself, my brother, and several kids we used to know."

What were your favourite books from your childhood?

"How much space have I got? We didn’t have a TV in Spain, and there was limited access to English-language books, so I read anything I could get my hands on. British author William F. Temple wrote a fantastic space-baced series featuring a character called Martin Magnus (now available on Kindle, I’m happy to say.) There was the Famous Five, Arthur Ransome with the Swallows & Amazon books, Paddington Bear (another trouble maker), and a whole bunch of others. Just William was a fave (troublemaker!) Anything anti-authority, or where kids got to go off and have adventures without those pesky adults around."

What are the best and worst things about being a writer?

"The best thing is that you get to invent new people, and once they’re fully formed they become like family or close friends. You know their personality, and you know how they’ll react when you throw a nasty problem at them.

The worst thing … probably knowing I could have written another 20 books if I’d really applied myself."

Tell us a little bit about your books?

"The Hal Junior series is aimed at 9-12 year olds. Hal lives aboard a high-tech space station in the distant future, and he’s always getting into trouble. His best friend, Stephen ‘Stinky’ Binn, is an electronics whizz, and he moderates some of Hal’s craziest plans.

The Hal Spacejock series was written for adults, but appeals to ages 14+. Hal is a space pilot with an old ship, and he doesn’t know the first thing about flying. Fortunately, an elderly robot teams up with him, and the pair of them crash, bash and smash their way across the galaxy, strewing their customers’ cargo over every planet along the way.

In terms of the connection between the two, the Hal Junior books are set 10-12 years after Hal Spacejock, but in the same universe. The Junior books will definitely appeal to adults as well as kids, especially if the adults have read Hal Spacejock first. I put a lot of in-jokes in the Junior books for adult Spacejock fans.




All of my books are available online in ebook and paperback format (Book depository, Amazon, etc.), and you can also order the paperbacks from any bookstore (Waterstones, etc.) using the title & author name. The UK editions are all in print."