Ebook Review – Helmort – K V Witten

Helmort by K V WittenHelmort is a book I may have not looked at twice if it were not for the comment

the story that inspired Dracula” but I am so glad I did because the writer has done a great job creating a dark visual period scene, if you have watched any of the old Dracula Movies you will know what I am talking about.

Razberry Rating:

Her writing is dark and cold which compliments the story drawing you in with each chapter, not to give too much away, the book is set in the late 1800s and recounts a young doctor’s tale after being lost in the winters of Germany.

There is little doubt after reading the book that you could see Bram Stoker drawing inspiration from the storyline, it’s a great read and one for the true horror aficionado.

Giving this five stars and will be waiting for the next instalment from this author.


About the Author…….in her own words

"As a young teenager, I was sent to live with my grandmother in Germany.  A quiet, stoic woman, she was born into a well-to-do Prussian family that was left destitute after WWII.  But she never talked about that part of her life.  Her stories focused on more distant history.   
'Helmort' is based on some of these stories.  Stories my grandmother believed, going so far as to naming my mother 'Helgard'.   
(Yes, it means exactly what it sounds like.  'Guard of Hell'.  Odd name for your first-born child.)
In any case, the underlying premise of 'Helmort' is that vampires exist.  Not the soulless creature of legend nor the more modern 'romantic' version, but a being fundamentally different from us in that he must drink human blood to survive.  A condition, curiously enough, that could be explained by modern medical science."