Ebook Review – How to Cook up a Disaster – Rachel Elizabeth Cole

At 43 pages, this novelette is a easy to read in one sitting, (and I did with the help of a packet of Ginger Nuts)!  How to Cook Up a Disaster is funny and light, if you have a dysfunctional family of any sort, you will grin that definitely is a given. It doesn’t claim to solve any of life's big questions, and it really doesn’t, but it does amuse!

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Sadie Dawson's great-grandfather is 100 years old, and the family is having a party with a turkey dinner planned to celebrate the occasion, unfortunately her heavily pregnant mother goes into labour just as the turkey needs to go into the oven! The silver lining comes in the form of the fireman that turns up when Sadie dials 911 and a fire truck turns up instead of an ambulance!, but has Sadie missed out on a chance of ever seeing the handsome fireman again!  Sadie is left, not holding the baby, but the turkey, and the day unfolds with spiked punch, uncooked turkey, drunk children, snogging family members and a new-born baby with a future identity crisis looming. Whether or not anyone gets to eat turkey ends up not really mattering at all!

I found myself reading this story with a wry smile as the disasters unfolded. As I said at the beginning it doesn’t claim to be anymore than a fun novelette, but it is well written and edited. I would enjoy seeing what this author can do with a full novel.  


Rachel Elizabeth ColeAbout the Author……

When it comes to writing, Rachel Elizabeth Cole has a bit of a multiple personality disorder. She loves, loves, loves children’s books, from charming picture books, to quirky and giggle-inducing middle grade novels, to gripping dystopian/post apocalyptic young adult novels. But she loves poignant, heart-tugging women’s fiction, laugh-out-loud funny chick-lit, and romantic comedy, too. She also loves beautifully wrought literary fiction and captivating historicals. Little wonder she writes across so many genres!

Her short stories have appeared in literary magazines, both in print and online. Several of which are now available as ebooks.

Born on Vancouver Island, she's had a life-long love affair with its rugged coasts and windswept beaches. Many of her stories are set there. She hopes to return to ‘the Island’ one day, but for now, even though she hates the rain, she lives just outside Vancouver, British Columbia, with her husband, their two sons, and one very spoiled house rabbit.
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