Ebook Review – Lizzie by Lottie Winter

Having read the other books in The Carnal Set, when we got an email from author Lottie Winter to say there was another instalment in the Victorian Dark Erotic book series, I felt compelled to read Lizzie too, and I am pleased to say that one again Lottie really has a grasp of the Victorian era taking great pride I am sure in researching her use of words to fit perfectly.


As with all Lottie Winter Carnal Set books, Lizzie is classed as erotica with a story, this time telling the tale of Lizzie a women who has strived hard to pull herself up from the dredges of poverty by using the only valuable assets she has, namely her looks and body.  The story follows her life as she recounts her life in one of London’s most exclusive brothels, and the eventual meeting of two very distinctive gentlemen!  The crux of the story is the bond that from with all three of them, a bond which  is mutually beneficial to all.

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What is extremely clever is that for those who have read Cassandra (the first full novel in the Carnal Set, Lizzie is a novelette), you will recall that Lizzie and her gentlemen have a starring role in the very first evening, and the author is apparently planning on taking the stories and relationships which are shown in Cassandra, and expanding upon each of them, as the Carnal Set grows!

As with all Winter’s books the writing style is perfect for the era that it is set in giving you that feeling of a time when money and station mattered, combined with a rather nice story – minus a history lesson.  

Lizzie a very enjoyable read indeed, but be warned it is not for the faint hearted as some very explicit language is used throughout but all nothing more than you would expect from this type of book (and watch out for the shock addition of a tail)!

Overall I have to say I really enjoyed Lizzie, the story is good the characters are all beautiful depicted and of course the sex scenes are just delightfully filthy!


About the Author……in her own words……..

I have always loved to write, and since a very young age I have put pen to paper the thoughts, hopes and dreams trapped in my head. I love books of all kinds, and devour them with as much gusto as one might a roast dinner on a winter’s day.


Writing erotic novels has always been something I have wanted to try, always being impressed when an author gets the blend of sex, sensuality and story right. So one day, not too long ago, I decided now was the right time to do exactly that.

I love dark gothic books, and the Victoria era seems to have so much repressed emotion about it, that deciding to base my books in this time was a very easy decision.

The Carnal Set, are a group of people for whom the pleasures of the flesh are not just fantasised about, but are taken full advantage of.

I hope you enjoy reading my books, as much I love to write them.



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