EBook Review – My Sparkling Misfortune – Laura Lond

I LOVED this book, the author Laura Lond has managed to set the tone perfectly, My Sparkling Misfortune is funny and clever and easy to read, a children’s book written minus the dumbing down.

Lord Arkus the main character and protagonist is not a nice man! But he is a likeable baddie, who it would seem everything normally goes right for! But when the Prince K offers him a deal he can refuse, it all goes wrong from there, and his plans all fail, and instead of an evil Gormack in his service, he is captures a far from evil Sparking, and the fun starts.

Razberry Rating 


This is a story of good v evil, but its a theme that never grows old, and the story is so well told that a younger reader wont realise the subtext that exists.


This book will be enjoyed by younger and older readers alike, and as an adult reading this book to review, I can honestly say I enjoyed it, reading most of it with a smile on my face! Older readers will enjoy this book to read independently as a great introduction to the fantasy genre, and younger children can be spell bound listening to a parent read. 

About the author…..in her own words

"I grew up behind the Iron Curtain, and that’s all I will say about it; not my favourite topic. I am happy to call myself an American now. I wanted to be a writer as long as I can remember. Even as a child I knew I wanted to write books, and not just as a hobby. I knew I wanted to do it for a living. How a young child would get such an idea, I don’t know, but there I was, writing my first “book” with a pencil, in huge all caps, shortly after I had learned my letters.

I didn’t specifically set out to write children’s books, and not all of my books are aimed at that audience, but all of them are child-appropriate — I guess that’s why I have so many young readers."

Where do you get your inspirations for your characters and storylines in your books?

"I am usually inspired by good stories, be that movies or books. When I read a good story, it seems to get my own creative juices flowing, I want to write something just as good. A scene or a phrase might impress me, transform into something new in my head and end up becoming a story."

What were your favourite books from your childhood?

"Fairy tales, anything with kings, princes and princesses, knights, swords, and dragons. I also liked Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, that story had stuck with me for years, and I see reflections of it in one of my own books."

What are the best thing and the worst thing about being a writer?

"The best thing is seeing the story unfold, getting to know the characters, writing it all down. The worst thing is being stuck in the middle of a book — you can’t go on and you can’t stop thinking about it; you have no peace until the difficult scene is done."

Tell us a little bit about your books?

"I write mostly fantasy, for Middle Grade and Young Adult readers. My humorous series The Lakeland Knight has a snarky villain for the protagonist who finds himself paired up with a Sparkling, a good spirit that normally assists heroes. Both books of the series, My Sparkling Misfortune and My Royal Pain Quest, have won awards and found numerous fans.

My fantasy trilogy The Adventures of Jecosan Tarres is written on a more serious note and is probably best suited for a Christian audience as it has spiritual themes. The story features a young blackmith’s apprentice charged with a mission to prevent a war between two powerful kingdoms.

I have several titles for the general audience as well. The latest ones are is The Dark Elf of Syron series of fantasy novellas, A Merman’s Kiss, a romantic story involving merfolk, and The Sixth Wife, yet another tale that included elves. My books can be bought as ebooks, paperbacks, and some of them as audiobooks. Most online stores carry them – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony, Audible.com."