Ebook Review – Sasha’s List – Lucy Tucker

{jcomments on}Sasha's ListWhat can I say erotic books are all about titillation, being thought provoking and definitely fantasy! The author Lucy Tucker has done a good job, Sasha’s List tells the tale of two women who become friends by a chance meeting at a motel, after Sasha splits up from her boyfriend, Sasha and her new friend Kelly then go on to create a list of their sexual fantasies, all of which they undertake in a week.  While at the same time, engaging in a lot of sexual experimentation between each other.

Razberry Rating: 

The book is well written and light hearted, yes it’s graphic in content, the sex scenes are well written and physically plausible (by this I mean you wont spend a lot of time trying to work out exactly how on earth the participants have managed to get themselves into the positions!), which all to its hotness. So yes I consider it one of the better erotic novels out there, good enough to make me want to further investigate other works by this author.



About the Author…..

Lucy Tucker is a professional writer who lives in Australia, and she feeds her addiction to erotica by writing even more of it.

Lucy writes the Luke Chance Quickies, short erotic stories of 4000-7000 words each, and she's also the author of the Sasha Field novel series. Book one (Sasha's List) is available now in ebook and print.
Tucker's short stories are available as singles or in anthology editions. The best way to pick up the whole set is via these collections:
A Dozen Chances (Quickies 1-12)
Four Chances #4 (Quickies 13-16)
Follow Lucy on Twitter: @LTuckerAuthor