Ebook Review – Season of Sin – Stacy-Deanne

When given this book to review, I hadn’t read anything bar the odd newspaper for a fair while. But, having a tiny baby in the house though means my nights are currently spent not sleeping, and so over the last couple of nights, I have grabbed my Kindle and whilst a very small person convinces me the only place to sleep is planted firmly on my chest I have read The Season of Sin!

Well crafted characters and a plot line that steams along at a decent pace well describes this book. With all e-books the first port of call when reviewing has to be the basics – how well written, laid out and punctuated is the book (being able to so easily self-publish means the e-book market has far too many hastily written and published books) – The Season of Sin well and truly passes muster, being well written and well edited.

Razberry Rating: 

The plot and story also well and truly pass muster! When Detective Brianna Morris' former therapist and friend Nadia is murdered, while Brianna is visiting, she herself suffering no more than a bump to the head, and being left with just one piece of evidence: a smell; she is determined to find the killer, and manages to persuade her partner (and former lover) Steven Kemp to help her – even though Steven's instant attraction to one of Nadia's friends, puts an extra strain on their already tempestuous relationship – but is Brianna too close to this crime to see clearly? It quickly becomes clear that Brianna didn’t know her friend as well as she thought she did, and Nadia's quarrelling feuding family do little to help in the quest to find the killer!

I loved this thriller, I enjoyed the way the author weaves in so many people and their lives, as the story unfolds. A perfect winter read or gift for that avid Kindle reader for Christmas!

About the author……in her own words

Why do you write?

Because it's a part of who I am and yes, it actually makes me happy. I can't see myself doing anything else on this earth and getting the same gratification from it as I do with writing.

What types of books do you write?

I write Crime/ Detective Fiction, Mysteries and Suspense. My novels also have romantic elements especially Interracial Romances. I believe all authors should write books with various characters of different races and backgrounds. I love Interracial Romances especially because this is a personal preference.

Why do you love writing mysteries so much?

To me mysteries and thrillers are the best genres in the world. They challenge you and I love to be challenged. I love to go on the hunt or search along with a police detective or victim to find the villain. Nothing gets me off like a good crime/ mystery novel. I grew up on mysteries. My biggest idol is Alfred Hitchcock. He inspires me so deeply that I hope I'm rising to his level of crafting wonderful and intriguing suspense. I try my best.

Favorite Authors and Literary Influences:

  • Alfred Hitchcock;
  • Kay Hooper;
  • Linda Howard;
  • Edgar Allan Poe;
  • Robert Louis Stevenson;
  • Oscar Wilde;
  • Charles Dickens; and
  • Mark Twain.


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