EBook Review – Seven Days From Sunday – MH Sargent

When I was given MH Sargent's book to review, I was initially sceptical, to be honest it really isn’t the kind of book I would normally pick. The story revolves about the kidnapping in Iraq of an American contractor, his subsequent death and the threats made by the kidnappers. The prologue sets the scene, as the man is beheaded and the footage beamed out across the web. After reading the prologue I was even less enthusiastic about reading the rest of the book BUT I am so glad I did, the story is fast paced enough that you don't dwell on any one single happening, the characters are very well defined and unlike far too many e-books available out there, MH Sargent can really write and the book is extremely well edited.

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Intent on finding his missing fiancé, is an Iraqi pharmacist, who manages to infiltrate successfully the terrorist cell, his fiancé having been kidnapped by them, alongside this runs the elite CIA unit which feature in all books in the MP-5 CIA series. All characters are rounded, and pretty much believable, and the author also skilfully manages to persuade you the story is believable and plausible too.

As I said at the beginning I freely admit this is not a book I would pick from the shelves, but I genuinely was taken away in the story and an entire cold Sunday afternoon passed rather pleasantly tucked up on my sofa with plenty of cups of tea and too many biscuits as I ploughed my way through the whole book in one sitting (not planned, but it really grabbed my attention!).

If you want a book that will make your grey matter work a little as you try yourself to figure out what is coming next then I would recommend Seven Days from Sunday most highly! It is the first book in the MP-5 CIA series, and I fully intend to download the rest, I think I will take a break before I start the next one, as they are books that need the right frame of mind and some attention! But next time my penchant for sci-fi and the standard girlie stuff wanes I will know exactly where to head.

The other novels in the MP-5 CIA series include The Shot To Die For, Operation Spider Web, The Yemen Connection and Alliance of Evil.

About the Author……in his own words

M.H. Sargent is the author of the popular MP-5 CIA series. Each novel has Sargent's elite CIA team on a mission overseas, from Iraq and Afghanistan to Mexico. When asked about the deciding factor of writing a novel that takes place in Iraq, at a time when Americans were not very enthused about the war and might not want to read a novel set in that country, the author says, "Years ago, I obtained the screen rights to Aimme West's story – her husband had been deployed in the first Gulf War and came home ill. Then she had a child with severe birth defects. She did a lot of research and found that she wasn't alone – many wives were having birth defect children after their husbands returned from the war. Her insistence that something went wrong over there led to Congressional hearings and the revelation that our guys were given experimental vaccines overseas. So, when we went into Iraq the second time, I was really worried about our military. Were they going to face chemical and biological weapons? Were they going to be given experimental drugs? Then I started thinking about the Iraqis. What were they thinking? I imagine like people the world over, when war comes to your door, you worry about your family members first and foremost. Then you worry about your neighbours. Your community. Your country. And mostly, you just want it to end, you want to have peace and quiet. So that started me on the track, how about a novel that shows an Iraqi family? Shows what they are going through? What fears do they live with daily? And their take on the Americans coming in. That was Seven Days From Sunday. Then I just kept writing."



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