Ebook Review – Short Story – The Taking of Millie May – Rose Scottsdale

Erotic Fiction is hot hot hot at the moment, and so dipping one's toe in via a short story seemed like a good idea!

The Taking of Millie May by Rose Scottsdale is a short story at just over 4000 words. Its the first offering from author Scottsdale published on Kindle.

I was fairly sceptical after reading the synopsis, and it is standard erotic fiction, doing “exactly what it says on the tin”, but with that said its a very readable tale of a young woman (with seemingly a very high sex drive), being 'taken' by a rather dominant man (blacksmith), it promises to be the first in a series and it definitely does set the scene well for more, and that is the great thing about Kindle and self-publishing an author can easily publish a whole series of short stories, one after the other, keeping readers waiting for more.

Don't read this book if you are easily offended, or not looking for a bit of written titillation, but if you don’t want fancy the full commitment of a novel, but want to dip your toe into the current trend for erotic fiction, then give this book a go. It has definite BDSM/D/s undertones, and definitely delivers on the sex from start to finish front!

Author bio: Rose Scottsdale…. in her own words

Having always loved reading and writing my own little fantasies from a very young age, while growing up in rather large and busy town in the south of England this gave me the opportunity to wander and explore life around me.
It was not until later in life that I got interested in writing dark romance and more so erotica, which I get completely immersed in, not only pushing the limits of my reader but also of myself.