Ebook Review – Silent Screams – Annette Gisbey

Silent Screams by Annette GisbySilent Screams isn’t really sure what it is, or where it is set, some of the time I am convinced we are in 1950's Ireland, then its to Victorian England, before its whisked back all the way to modern day.

This tale of a young girl, who at the age of nineteen falls pregnant after being raped would have played and read so much better had it been set in the 1940's or 50's, I found it absolutely unbelievable that a girl would be treated in the modern day the way Jessica is. You feel very little sympathy for the main character, as you cannot believe she would be treated as such or that the people around her would behave towards her in such a way, for example; if one could imagine for a moment that in modern day Briton a young unmarried pregnant woman would be turned away from a shop unserved, we would also see the demise of every shop in the country!!

Razberry Rating: 

But Silent Screams is well written, and although I would doubt it truly falls within the horror genre, it offers some modicum of suspense and when we learn of what Jessica has been through from childhood to now, there were certainly horrors and evil endured.

This story had it been set as I said above into a Irish, 1940 or 50's background would have been an excellent study on religion, belief and love, as it is, being set in modern day you are for most of the time simply annoyed at how unbelievable the story is!


About the Author…..in her own words

"Annette Gisby grew up in a small town in Northern Ireland, moving to London when she was seventeen. Being a very small town there were no bookshops and a small library. When she'd devoured every book she could get her hands on in the library, she started writing her own stories so she would always have something to read later. 

When not writing she enjoys reading, cinema, theatre, walks along deserted beaches or wandering around ruined castles (great places for inspiration!) New Zealand is her favourite place and she hopes to travel back there one day. 

She currently lives in Hampshire with her husband, a collection of porcelain dolls and stuffed penguins and enough books to fill a small library. It's diminishing gradually since the discovery of ebooks but still has a long way to go."