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Superman's Cape Novel If I had come across this book on the shelf in the local bookshop I would probably not have bought it, and fter reading the synopsis on my Kindle it struck me that this was going to be another predictable story like so many others out there. However, it is in the Amazon top 300, which had to bode well!  Having been asked to give it a review by Razberryjuice (which means a free read), I made a cup of tea, settled down and made a start…

Razberry Rating: 


Much to my surprise I found it very unputdownable.  It is very well written and moves along nicely. There are two stories running along together slowly moving towards each other and the final interacting mix. The writing is cleverly done, with a remarkable insight into some very emotional, life changing experiences. Although the main story revolves around a young (ish) mother and her two young sons, you don’t have to be one to understand her pain and anguish when one of them goes missing. The author keeps the reader close to the action, the characters thoughts and reasoning. Yes I was there with them. A great read.


About the author….in his own words

I am an engineer who wants to be a full-time writer when I grow up. I’ve always enjoyed writing — starting at a young age, crafting stories to be read by my classmates. After I started writing software instead of stories, I concentrated on my career for twenty years. Then a few years ago I started to write stories again. Just a few ideas at first, but eventually a full length novel.

Superman’s Cape, a paranormal thriller, is my first novel. My second novel, An Order of Coffee and Tears, is a contemporary women’s fiction and I am currently busy getting a novella ready for early 2013.


From where do you get your inspirations for your characters and storylines in your books?

During the years that I wasn’t actively writing, I did make an effort on jotting down story ideas when they’d pop in my head. Most times a shower or drive or walk on the treadmill would be enough to jar an idea from somewhere. If I continued mulling over it after a few hours, I’d develop the story into a few pages. I have a virtual trunk-full to draw from now. Some of them will never be developed, but a few will. Superman’s Cape was one of those early ideas.


What were your favourite books?

All of them, but a few stand above the rest:

Of Mice and Men;

Animal Farm;

The Outsiders;

and just about anything by Stephen King.


What are the best thing and the worst things about being a writer?

The best things are when the story comes together. Sometimes an idea hangs around, toying with space in your head and never quite goes anywhere. And then there are ideas that grow and grow. I Love that.

The worst thing about being a writer? Differs from time to time. Sometimes it is the post-publishing work of marketing and sometimes it is the struggle of finding time to write.


Tell us a little bit about your books, who they are aimed at, and where people can buy them?

As a writer, I don’t target a select market. Instead I develop and write the stories renting space in my head. When a story gets stuck, it has to get written. Some of them work out and some don’t. For the few that I’ve published, I cross Adult markets and genres from Paranormal Thriller to Contemporary Women’s Fiction as well as Suspense and Literary.

All of my books are available from Amazon, Kobo, iTunes and Barnes & Noble.


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