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Razberry Juice doesn't too often review erotic books, but we were intrigued by The Inauguration of the Carnal Set, by Lottie Winter. It is billed as prequel, setting the scene for novels to come.

This is a very well written and engaging short story following Lady Sybil Troughton, a young women living in Victorian England (we only know it is Victorian, because the author tells us, however the language used does sit correctly so you get a feeling for the time, without the book becoming a history lesson).


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This story introduces some really interesting characters, Lord Thorpe Pembroath is one of these, a man who shares Lady Sybil's desire for all things carnal, and it is him who has the idea of the Carnal Set, a group of people who also share a delight and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh without judgement.

The sex scenes are explicit, but they are well-written, and do not overwhelm the book, you do not feel as with some erotic short stories, that you are simply reading through one sex scene after the other as the author attempts to give you your money's worth. Instead the sex scenes weave very nicely into the story, so you do feel as though you are a reading a book with some substance.

The Inauguration of the Carnal Set is very much a prequel book, however it stands alone as a short story very well indeed, I do suspect though if you read this first short story, you will be intrigued enough to want some more when the first full novel in the series is published (Cassandra, in early August 2013).

I was very very surprised at how much I enjoyed this book, loving the way the author unfolded the characters in front of me, managing to get so much detail and personality into a short book.

Very well earned Five Razberries



About the Author……in her own words……..

I have always loved to write, and since a very young age I have put pen to paper the thoughts, hopes and dreams trapped in my head. I love books of all kinds, and devour them with as much gusto as one might a roast dinner on a winter’s day.


Writing erotic novels has always been something I have wanted to try, always being impressed when an author gets the blend of sex, sensuality and story right. So one day, not too long ago, I decided now was the right time to do exactly that.

I love dark gothic books, and the Victoria era seems to have so much repressed emotion about it, that deciding to base my books in this time was a very easy decision.

The Carnal Set, are a group of people for whom the pleasures of the flesh are not just fantasised about, but are taken full advantage of.

I hope you enjoy reading my books, as much I love to write them.



Find out more about Lottie, including new releases – www.lottiewinter.com 

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