EBook Review – The Undiscovered Novelist by Sarah Bridgeton

My first comment to anyone about to embark on this book is…..”stick with it”, the first few chapters seem to go by very slowly with very little to hook the reader into continuing, however by continuing, you do come across a very readable and charming story. The characters are well defined, the story eventually being told by two women, a mother and daughter, I found I enjoyed the Mother, Debra's story more than I did the main character, Jordyn. It is not until quite a way into the book, that you figure out where it is going, and once you realise what’s coming, the book does seem to whizz by, almost too fast, coming to a rather quick and abrupt end. 

Razberry Rating: 

There is almost the feeling that the author was so eager to get the last few chapters written and the obvious conclusion done, that the ending feels a little rushed, it doesn’t matter that it becomes obvious where the story is going, the meandering way the rest of the story is told seems juxtapositioned with a rushed ending, and a huge trick is missed in not writing more about the two women's relationship and how this changes by the end of the book.

The author has been very clever in bringing in another book, The Undiscovered Novelist is, of course, about a first time author attempting to get her work published, and that work can then be bought and read as a separate novel, what a clever way to get readers hooked, wanting to know more; throughout The Undiscovered Novelist, you are given little breadcrumbs about the book at the centre of the story, and if these are enough to whet your appetite, you can then go ahead and buy the second book.

My biggest criticism of this book is a finicky silly one, the main character refers to her mother Debra, throughout the entire book as 'Mother', and after getting to know both Jordyn and Debra, this just doesn’t ring true, I found it strangely irritating, that she wasn’t Mom (or Mum), but the very fact that this is my biggest criticism, is testament to the fact that I really did enjoy this gentle easy to read novel.




About the Author….in her own words
I never thought I would become a novelist. I’ve always loved books, but in college I majored in Economics. After college, I held a variety of jobs in the insurance and health care industries, focusing on marketing and sales. Meanwhile, I got married. I left the workforce to be a stay-at-home mom seven years later when my daughter was born. When my daughter started preschool, I decided to write a novel. It’s been quite an adventure to turn the stories in my imagination into actual novels.
Based on my own experience, The Undiscovered Novelist is about a naive writer trying to break into publishing. Like many newbie writers, my heroine dreams of becoming a best selling novelist, but is clueless about how the publishing industry works. As a writer, I could definitely relate. I was rather clueless when I set out to find a publisher for my first manuscript. Once I figured it out, I thought it would be a great setting for a book. I find the business of publishing fascinating and wanted to go behind the scenes. It must be the entrepreneur in me.
I thoroughly enjoyed writing The Undiscovered Novelist and look forward to writing more stories in the future.