EBook Review – Timekeepers, A Revolutionary Tale – J Y Harris

I initially found this book didn’t grab my imagination but by the second chapter, I was intrigued to read more. From a historical aspect the author sent you back in time to experience the stark differences between lives now and then. The characters were engaging, average teenagers from different eras, gradually through the chapters you saw Kirstin in particular, change from a typical modern teen to a young woman willing to use her skills and wit to help a stranger, Rebecca to achieve her goal.


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Rebecca Durrow was a true patriot who probably changed the result of the Battle of White Marsh, she along with her mother Lydia was a true heroine. I didn’t know a lot about the Revolution and this novel has certainly piqued my interest. I truly look forward to the continued adventures in the next Timekeepers novel.

About the Author……in her own words

"I’m from New York (upstate, not the City), and love where I grew up. I’ve always been a writer, and wrote lots of different types of things, including poetry, but it wasn’t until much later that I came up with the idea for the YA/MG Timekeepers book. In any case, I moved to North Carolina many years ago and have lived here since."

Where do you get your inspirations for your characters and storylines in your books?

"The idea for this first Timekeepers book came to me many years ago. I wrote a very basic outline of the characters and plot, but I didn’t have the time or energy to write it at that time. And, to be honest, I don’t think it would have worked out nearly as well at that time. Now, the technology is so much better for time-travelling teenagers: they have smart phones and hand-held game consoles that can go with them as they travel through time. It’s a lot easier and a lot more fun to write now than it would have been when the idea originally came to me."

What were your favourite books from your childhood?

"I loved adventure books. They didn’t have to be large-scale adventures, but anytime the main character did something or encountered something they’d never seen before, that was exciting. I loved Trixie Belden—she and her brothers and friends solved many a mystery over the years. If any young readers out there have never heard of Trixie Belden, I encourage them to look her up! Of course I also enjoyed Nancy Drew, who also solved mysteries. But for sheer fun and adventure, I’d have to say my favorite book for children would be Eight Cousins, by Louisa May Alcott. It’s a wonderful book with great characters, and it has a lot of heart. Readers should look into that one, too!"

What is the best thing and worst thing about being a writer?

"The thing I like best about being a writer is that you literally get to create something out of nothing. You start with a blank piece of paper (or a blank computer screen), and you squiggle your pen across it, or your cursor, and next thing you know, there are people talking, and doing things, and life has been created.

The worst thing? I think it might be that there are SO MANY stories out there, so many things worth telling, and we can’t do it all. We create one book at a time, and many times there’s a lot more we’d like to include, or explain, or other details we’d like to add, but for one reason or another we can’t write it or explain it all as much as we’d like."

Tell us a little bit about your books?

"The Timekeepers books are aimed at readers starting at about age 11. The two main characters are teenagers, but the adventure they share is something that I think 11- or 12-year-olds can enjoy. Also, since it IS an adventure book, and includes male characters, I think boys would enjoy it. Unlike many other ‘young adult’ books, this one appeals to boys as well as girls. Timekeepers: A Revolutionary Tale is available in e-book form at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iTunes, and a number of other online stores. However, the book is also available in paperback, for young people who don’t have an e-reader, and can be ordered in paperback from Amazon."