EBook Review – Wings of Shadow (The Underground Trilogy)

Before reading this ebook, I purposefully didn’t read the prologue, so I had no real idea what the story was about, and I found the whole premise in a literary world currently full of vampires and various shades of that colour grey to be refreshing –

I have therefore absolutely intentionally failed to mention in my review the central crux of the book! It really is a lovely surprise!

Wings of Shadow is not a challenging read, nor is it a read that will change your world, however it is light and easy to read, its the kind of ebook you can pop on the Kindle before your holiday and happily dip into when round the pool.

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My only real criticism of a generally well conceived and original story is that by the end I just didn’t know the main characters well enough, and perhaps as this is a trilogy by the end of the third book, we will have got to know them far better. There are lovely passages in the book describing lore and history, well written and woven, but the same cannot be said for the three main characters, and because I didn’t feel that I knew them well enough, I didn’t have a sense of sympathy or empathy with them, that I think could have been garnered with just a few Kobo (UK)more paragraphs focussing on who they are!



As a Brit, this book is very obviously written by a non-native to these shores and so has that lovely if somewhat unreal sense of Olde England about it in places, the villages so beautifully described would, of course, in reality be full of holiday homes, and closed businesses with the locals lamenting the fact their children can't possibly afford to buy a house, as they spit venom at the holiday home owners. But Anna Kyss is an american, who doesn’t have the same jaded view, and as her main leading lady is also american, it works as she sees London and the Cotswolds through her tourist American eyes.

With the beach holiday season well and truly upon us, I think Wings of Shadow is a perfect read to pack along with your factor 25 and like the factor 25 not much of it will be left when you come home, but it will have done its job entertaining you!

Author Bio: Anna Kyss…..in her own words

I’ve had a long-time love affair with books. I was that little girl who was surrounded by piles and piles of books, that young woman who looked forward to the literature assignments in school, and that adult who would read nearly anything. But I never deemed myself a writer. Imagine my surprise when this novel came roaring out of me!

The idea started as a slow drip. Maybe I could write a book one day. I made some half-hearted attempts, but never had the confidence to really throw myself into it. Besides, despite my four years of undergraduate coursework and the additional 3+ years of graduate classes, I had never taken a single creative writing course.

Then I visited England. That slow drip turned into a steady flow. As soon as I set foot in the Cotswolds, the story began to whisper itself to me. When I rode the Tube deep below London, the whispers turned into persistent shouts. Last May, I finally acknowledged the stream of inspiration and began to let it gush out onto my computer screen. Wings of Shadow, my debut novel, was released twelve months later.

When the faucet of creativity has been turned on, it just flows more and more and more. I am currently working on the second book in The Underground Trilogy, as well as a stand-alone dystopian novella. I have so many other ideas wading in the background, waiting for their time to gush. I started this endeavour to see if I could write a book. I have enjoyed the writing process so thoroughly, I hope to continue this journey as an author for years to come.




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