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Would You Rather

would you rather

I didn’t know what to expect when I was sent Would You Rather to review, apart from the fact it was something about motherhood, and as I have a small whirlwind of a three year son, the book seemed a good fit!

The first thing to say is that the book is short, too short in fact to really be considered even a book!  It is part of something, which could probably be good if some more time was put into it.

“Would You Rather” consists of (goes up to 125, but appears to skip 1,3,5,7……) a number of “Would You Rather” questions, we are probably all aware of them, anyone who has worked in an office will at some time been asked who would they rather snog: [insert in here two people thought of as non-snoggable!!!] recently in my office it was “George Osborne” or “Michael Gove” (British Politicians)!

But the difference with the BleepingMotherhood.com book is that they are all Mummy themed! I admit, I can’t quite see the point, in the way of actually sitting and reading it, you are done in 10 minutes, and are left feeling rather unsatisfied (and just rejigging the layout of the book, telling folks like me who were bemused about who, what and where it’s all about, would help greatly).  HOWEVER I can imagine that at a baby shower (we are gradually starting to have such things this side of the pond although the idea of expecting people to turn up with baby gifts etc from a list is still a little too rude and so we are mostly still ladies who preggo lunch), or at any kind of gathering of mums, where a glass of Prosecco is the order of the day it could add a fun element.   It’s entirely American, and so some of the references do fall short, but you can easily substitute Thanksgiving for Christmas (or Guy Fawkes!!).

Some of the “Would you Rather’s” are very funny, and some are just yucky and some fall utterly flat!

The biggest issue I have with this book is that it is so short.  When you look at BleepingMotherhood.com (and you should) it’s a great blog full of fun and laughter, which is a refreshing change from many Mummy Blogs (which I rarely read, I just don’t have time for that kind of self-indulgence).   I just feel the book could have contained so much more.  Even the introduction is short and gives you no indication of what is coming.

I can understand the lure of writing something and publishing something quickly, but I think sometimes it is worth taking the extra time to create something well rounded, which is what I feel this book lacks.

The “Would You Rather’s” are fun, funny and yes of course as a mum with a young sprog I appreciate the smile, some are a bit college dorm and I didn’t laugh, but everyone will find something to make them smile!

Make the “Would You Rather’s” a chapter in a wider book which contains a bit more of who and what  BleepingMotherhood.com are and you could end up with a best seller!

3-starsThree Razberries for the smile!!

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