EbookSoda Connecting Authors & Readers

As authors ourselves, we are always interested in new ways to reach readers, and so that is why when we heard about eBookSoda, we were happy to take it for a test drive!  Describing its service as …helping readers find great free and bargain ebooks tailored to their tastes which also includes best sellers and new releases all delightfully delivered in to your very own mailbox, so there is no need spend hours searching the web for that perfect read.

Razberry Rating:

I suspect the first question an author looking to get some exposure for their work will want to know is – how many readers will see their book?  In eBookSoda’ currently have around 7000 readers on their mailing list which, for a new service, is pretty respectable. 

Next question has to be – how much does a service like this cost; and that’s where some value is to be had because the fee for this service at the moment is just $5/£3 which, in all honesty I think you would be hard pushed to get better value.

The eBookSoda sign-up and book submission process is really very easy, from start to finish it took literally a few minutes, and what really helps new authors is that eBookSoda’s requirements policy is very fair and easier to achieve than some other comparable services, requiring that you have eight published reviews for your book, with an average rating of 3.5 stars – unless it is a new release then you may well be exempt from these requirements.  (Below is a full list of what is required).

We submitted two books, one non-fiction and one erotic romance novel, the non-fiction achieved three sales, which was ok for that type of book and helped it jump up a few places, but the erotic romance had twelve sales, and jumped up to number seven in its specific genre, which I am sure helped it get one or two other sales, because since the exposure on eBookSoda, the sales have been slightly higher on a daily basis. 

Over all, the authors and myself were pretty happy with the results; yes nothing spectacular but for $5 we managed to sell a few books while also increasing the books’ rankings and profile which for is a real bonus!  For a new service, we have been very impressed, we had huge expectations because eBookSoda so very new, however good it is now, eBookSoda should continue to grow and offer authors even more!

Supports Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, Sony Reader and Ipad

Pros:    Easy to use

            Great value for Money

            The requirement policy is very achievable

            The support is first class  

            They accept erotica

Cons:   Small mailing list size

             Could not see a breakdown of readers to genre

eBookSoda Requirement Policy

  • Error Free. We look for content that is well-formatted, and free from typos and grammatical errors.
  • Blessed with a great cover. Unfortunately, people do judge books by their covers, so it will need to be a fairly good standard to make it past our control team.
  • Highly Rated. Books should have a minimum of 8 reviews with an average star rating of 3.5 unless it’s a new release (less than 3 months old).
  • These lengths:
    • Novels should be at least 150 pages (50k words)
    • Novellas should be at least 20k words
    • Short story collections should have a minimum of 12k words total.
    • Children’s picture books should be at least 30 pages
  • Priced at $4.99 or less on the day of the listing. At eBookSoda, you don’t have to have your book on sale to qualify for a spot. As long as your book is $4.99 or less on the day of its listing, it’s eligible for submission. Obviously, you’ll get more downloads if it’s a promotion as everyone loves a good deal, but the visibility should still earn you some new readers.
  • Easily Available. We only feature books that are available from at least one major retailer.

If your book meets all of the above, we’ll take a look at it. If it’s right for our readers, we’ll give it the green light and away we go!

You can promote the same title as many times as you like with eBookSoda, as long as there is a 60 day gap between promotions. We also like a 2 week gap between titles by the same author