Finding our favourite DAB Radios

Roberts Retro Radio Cath KidstonThe digital, or DAB Radio has been around for some years now, making listening to your favourite station clearer and more consistant, but with so many on the market for all budgets, which one to choose?  We have spent a little time ploughing through finding our favourite DAB Radios. 

A quick bit of the technical stuff for you –  DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting, a technology which has grown fastest in Europe, the very first DAB Radio station was launced in 1995 in Norway, but it was the United Kingdom and Denmark that led the march in implementing and broadcasting DAB Radio, but this has quickly grown with there now being over 30 countries worldwide who transmit some kind of DAB Radio service. 

DAB Radio is supposed to offer a higher quality more consistent sound to its users, but the other benefits of DAB Radio include: 

  • DAB Radios can automatically tune to all available stations'
  • DAB Radios can carry "radiotext" (Dynamic Label Segment, or DLS) from the radio station giving information such as song titles, music type and news or traffic updates.
  • DAB Radios can can very accurately display the time of day, and this is automatically corrected when travelling between time zones or when changing to or from Daylight Saving.
  • Some DAB Radios offer a pause facility on live broadcasts


Our favourite DAB Radios include: 

Best Budget Buy 


Technika DR 11202RW Oxford Digital Radio - RosewoodTechnika DR 11202RW Oxford Digital Radio available online from (and in stock when we checked) – £29.50

A good budget choice, with a stylish retro design, and good reviews, we really like this radio, in the flesh it is a little light feeling (but isnt so much technology these days), but the sound is very good.  I can act as an alarm clock, but unlike a lot of the more budget radios, it doesnt look like an alarm clock and would sit happily in any room in the house.  

Extremely easy to use, if this is your first foray into a DAB Radio, and you are not sure if you will use it then this is a great choice. 


Best Premium


Bose DAB RadioBose Wave® radio III available online from Bose  – £429.95  (and from various other online and store retailers – check the price first!!) 

Bose for a long time, led the way with fantastic music sound quality, filling rooms with sound from deceptively small players.  Their Wave range also includes players including docking stations, CD players and more, going up in price to take you over the £1,000 mark, but we are looking just at DAB Radio and this is just that.  The Radio is neat, compact without a need for speakers for sound to fill large rooms (has always been Bose's selling point), and they really do their job very well. 

The sound quality is supreme, the Radio is extremely easy to set up, very compact at 36.8 cm x 10.7 cm, it tunes easily, comes with a easy to use remote control, and displays on the LED screen the name of the artist whose music you are listening to, as well as the station information. 

For an item that does admittably look just like a alarm clock – the Bose Wave® radio III is a lot of money, but if you are able to spend that kind of money on a radio, then who could blame you, the sound quality, we think, unbeatable !

Best Retro Look Radio


Roberts RadioRoberts RD60 Revival DAB/FM RDS Digital Radio available online from Amazon from £142 (and in many other online stores – we found Amazon keenly priced).

Love Love Love the retro leather design of the DAB Radio, since DAB Radios have become popular, retro designs have also become more and more popular, mixing the old with the new! 

This radio comes in lots of comes in lots of colours, including Red, Black and of course pink (plus the gorgeous Cath Kidston design above).   The sound quality is good, the price is most certainly not cheap, but falls down in the middle ground as far as DAB Radios goes.  The thing going most for this DAB Radio has to be 1950's design, the leather outside, and the carry handle make it a undoubtably cool addition to any room.  It is easy to use, and of course auto tunes, becuase of the design, it does lack the LED display of many DAB Radios, giving you information about stations, time and date etc, but this is a small price to pay for this statement DAB Radio!  The reviews are generally postive, but the leather needs come care and may well age quickly – unlike the design. 


We have chosen just three out of hundreds of different designs, it isnt hard to find one that will suit your needs and lifestyle!


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