Five Gadgets you Cant (maybe!) Live Without

Everyone loves a list…don’t they? Combine this with the fact that everyone loves a gadget, we thought it was about time we had another gadget list!

We have searched about and found our absolute favourite top five gadgets of the moment. From the sublime to the ridiculous, these are gadgets you will wonder how you lived without….



1.Sound Asleep Pillow – every bed should have one! If you like listening to music in bed, then this is an essential item!Listening to music in bed with headphones is a pain (in that it hurts your ears!). The Sound Asleep Pillow has has a built-in speaker that can only be heard by the person laying on it! Plug in your music player (iPod etc) into the 3.5mm stereo socket, close your eyes and drift away to the sounds of your favourite music.


Price – from £17.99 to £24.99

We found the Sound Asleep Pillow at 

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2. Retro Slush Maker – if you like a blue tongue and pine for those days of slush puppies in every corner shop then this is the item for you, it looks super cool with 1950's styling and promises to make delicious iced slush puppies! Just add small ice cubes and fruit juice, and the Retro Slush Maker will do the rest. We would also advocate a good slug of vodka to those Slush Puppies, but of course never did that, aged 16, buying them from the newsagents, whilst listening to Wham and looking cool over the park!


Price – £59.00

We found the Retro Slush Maker at 

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3. Digital Video Memo – Fridge Magnet Gadget – for when writing a note in terse terms just isn’t enough, you can now record a 30 second video message for your loved ones, and leave it waiting for them on the fridge, be it a message of love or an order to do the darn dishes, anything goes. It promises to be easy to operate, you simply press the record button, and you then have 30 seconds to record your missive, to playback your message, the recipient need only press the power button, to not only see you, but hear your dulcet tones.


Price – £25.00

We found the Digital Video Memo at

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4. Twilight Colour Change Umbrella – yes it rains a lot, and yes it has rained more than once this summer, but with the Twilight Colour Change Umbrella you will be singing in the rain! This brolly will keep you dry whilst the myriad array of fibre optics both inside the canopy and outside which gently phase through five different colours. The Twilight Colour Change Umbrella needs 3 x AAA Batteries (not included), to brighten your rainy day. The sparkly LED's are turned on and off by a button set in the handle.


Price – £19.95

We found the Twilight Colour Change Umbrella at


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5. Lav Nav – Loo Light –  this is a double hit whammy when it comes to nocturnal loo trips, not only will it light up on your approach (its motion sensitive), so even those most groggy eyed of us on a 3 am half asleep crossed legged moment will find the loo, but it will also help the chap in your life to determine whether the seat is up or down!  The Lav Nav will glow red when the seat is up and glow green when the seat is down, its more than just a groovy gadget, its a bona fide relationship aide, solving the age old problem of loo seats being left up; green – he is good to go, red – he has more work to do before leaving the bathroom! 


Price: £12.95

We found the Lav Nav at